Ron Conn Student Music Performances

August Performance
On the 8th of August 2019, music students from 3/ 4A had the privilege of performing at Ron Conn Nursing Home in Avondale Heights.  Here is what they had to say….


On Thursday the 8th of August, I went to Ron Conn Nursing home.  When we got there it looked old fashioned but the people were very warm. While we walked to where we were playing I saw a turtle and a guinea pig. I performed ‘Love Somebody’ and ‘Jolly Old St Nicholas’. When I performed I was so nervous but when I finished, I was relieved. At the end we sang the National Anthem and got gummies from the staff.  By Charlotte

I had a really fun experience at Ron Conn. I was very nervous when I got there but I got through it. Thanks to Mrs Shell I didn’t freak out a lot. When I finished playing my songs I thought to myself, performing in front of people wasn’t that bad after all. I am looking forward to next time I go to Ron Conn.


On Thursday 8th August it was 3/4As turn to go to Ron Conn. We practised first at school and then when the bell went for lunch we went to the front office to wait for everyone to come. The Ron Conn home is very close to the school we just had to cross the road four times.  When we got there Scarlett got the playing order and Charlotte was first on the list. I was performing after Scarlett. When Scarlett finished it was my turn but I was terrified so the two teachers had to help me get up and dragged me to the piano seat. At the seat I was terrified so I just said to myself  I have to play the two pages I picked and think I’m home playing.  After I played everyone clapped. When we finished we all sang the national anthem and Xavier thanked everyone. When I got out I asked if I could have my money back and go to MacDonald, but Mrs Shell laughed and said ‘no’ of course. When we got to school instead of lining up Scarlett, Lexi, Xavier and I went to the toilet and so the class had to wait for us.
By Deanna

On Thursday the 8th of August all the music students from 3/4A went to Ron Conn Nursing home. The performers were Julie, Scarlett, Deanna, Mikayla, Lauren, Charlotte, Xavier and I. Ms Portelli and Ms Shell came with us. It was really fun watching and listening to all the beautiful pieces everybody played. It was an amazing experience and I recommend everyone to learn piano because it is one of the best experiences you’ll have. By Lexi

Yesterday I went to Ron Conn and played the songs ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Sea divers’. I had a lot of fun playing but I was l a little nervous. When I played my songs everybody cheered and clapped, I was glad it was over. It was fun listening to the other performers. After we all played we sang the National Anthem and then got candy by the staff at the nursing home. We said bye to everyone and walked back to school. By Julie

On Thursday the 8th of August some of my classmates went to the Ron Conn Nursing home to play piano. I played ‘Allouette’ and ‘Boogie Woogie Goose’. I was nervous but excited at the same time. When I finished playing my pieces everyone clapped as I bowed. After the concert the workers gave us lollies and then we had to walk back to school. It was great. By Mikayla

June Performance
On the 14th of June 2019, music students from 3/ 4B had the privilege of performing at Ron Conn Nursing Home in Avondale Heights. 

Here is what they had to say….



On Thursday the 14th of June, I went to Ron Conn and played for the elderly residents and I sang a song with my piano friends. By Peyton



When I went to Ron Conn it was so calm and heart-warming. When I was in front of all the residents ready to perform, I had mixed feelings of anxiety, happiness and excitement. I played ‘Fur Ludwig’ and ‘My Computer’. I had a lot of fun. By Sophia


Today was my first time playing the keyboard at Ron Conn. I played ‘Jolly Old Saint Nicholas’ and ‘Just a Second’. We made all the old people so happy. One of the residents reminded me of my great grandma. They thought it was the best thing they’ve ever heard. At first I was really nervous but then I felt happy and excited. We also sang a song called ‘She’ll be Comin Round the Mountain’ the residents knew the song and were singing along with us. They were so happy to see us and hope that we will come back. It was probably the best day of my life. I loved making them happy. By Eliza



Today I went to Ron Conn and had lots of fun. It was my first time there. Mrs Shell said that she hoped we all had a good time and we did. By Naylie


Today was my first time at Ron Conn. At first I was super nervous and Mrs Shell put me second, I did say please noooooooo not second but she wanted me to get it over and done with, so I did. After I played the people cheered and had happy faces, they liked it. By Nik


Today at Ron Conn I played ‘Old MacDonald’ and ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ there was a lady that enjoyed it a lot she was singing along. After that we sang ‘She’ll be Comin Round the Mountain’.  I had a great time. By Lillie



When we got to Ron Conn I was really nervous but Alex.S cheered me on and I was a bit more confident to play my pieces. I played ‘Polly Wolly Doodle’ and ‘Hot Cross Buns’. After I played I felt calmer. When we left we saw turtles and fish there but we couldn’t stay long because we had to head back to school. By Chloe



When I got to Ron Conn I was nervous and while I was waiting I thought I was going to faint but luckily I made it through. When I got called up on stage I was feeling really hot. The pieces I played were’ Join the Fun’ and ‘Oom-Pa-Pa’. I was really fun and I wish I could go there again and make the elderly people happy. By Alex S





When I arrived at Ron Conn I was very scared, it takes a brave kid to play in front of all those people. But it was worth it in the end. By Mason

May Performance

On the 9th of May 2019, music students from 3/ 4D had the privilege of performing at Ron Conn Nursing Home in Avondale Heights. 

Here is what they had to say….

I enjoyed going to Ron Conn because I love to see old people happy. I loved playing my songs to them and they loved it. By Zadok

Last week I went to Ron Conn and it was amazing. I played ‘Little Things’ and ‘Jingle Bells on the keyboard and sang ‘Advance Australia Fair’. The elderly people were very nice.  By Maci

I enjoyed playing for the elderly because I loved how enthusiastic they were. By Noah 

I had a mind-blowing time at the nursing home. The songs I played were ‘Where did you get that hat?’ and ‘Jingle bells’. I also enjoyed listening to the others play. After all the playing on the piano we sang the national anthem (there is more than 1 verse). Sadly, we had to go, I wish we can go there again. By Jessica 


I had a great time at Ron Conn, I played ‘Jolly old St’ Nicholas’ and ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’.  I hope I get to play for them again. By Aleeza


I was a little scared of going to Ron Conn, but after seeing the elderly I felt confident and everyone loved my piano playing. I felt happy and not alone.  By Yuana

I liked going to Ron Conn because I could perform songs that I have learnt. I played ‘Oom Pa Pa’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’.  By Claudia