The Avondale Primary School canteen is run by the School Council and managed by Mrs Dianne Cunningham.


The canteen is open Monday, Thursday and Friday for counter sales, recess orders and lunch orders.


Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time regularly to ensure it operates efficiently.All volunteers will need to have a current Working with Children (WWC) Check and have attended an induction session.

Children of parents who are volunteering in the canteen will receive a free lunch. Interested parents can contact the office or see Di in the canteen for more information.



Canteen Parents Perspective

We started volunteering in the canteen 4 years ago when our eldest kids were in Prep. It felt daunting having never worked in a canteen environment before but we were both genuinely surprised at how much we enjoyed it. So much so, 4 years on and we are still volunteering.

The canteen provides a fantastic opportunity to meet other parents/ grandparents. You can also get to know kids from different grades whilst making a valuable contribution to the school. The children love having a free lunch when we are there – one of the benefits! It is also incredibly rewarding! Seeing the smile on your son/ daughter’s face when you are there is one of the best things about it!

Di (who runs the canteen) is extremely welcoming and friendly – always greets you with a smile. She finds roles for everyone so if you don’t want to handle the money, you don’t have to. You could prepare the food, make toasted sandwiches, check the orders, put the labels on the drinks and snacks, the list is endless! It is really flexible as well – you only need to volunteer once a month on either a Monday/ Thursday or Friday just for a couple of hours if that’s all you can do or alternatively for the day. Any help is gratefully received!

If you are worried you cannot attend the training session or complete a Working with Children Check on the days specified, just contact the office/ Jenna Heywood and they can make an alternative arrangement. The WWC is really easy and quick to do all as it can be completed in the school with Jenna’s guidance.

We would both encourage anyone who has spare time on any of those days to volunteer, it is a great way to support and feel part of the school community. It really is fun and sociable for you and makes your kids really happy! Don’t hesitate, speak to the office today!

Isabelle & Karena




The canteen sells food products that comply with the Healthy Eating Program of the Victorian School Canteen Association.


The School Council has a Canteen Subcommittee which meets to discuss menu items and other canteen business.



All lunch orders need to be ordered online via the FlexiSchools app.



If a student does not have any lunch and we are unable to contact you, we will issue a Lunch Voucher to the value of $3.00 and seek reimbursement. 

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