PROTECT Feeling Safe Student Information

This page is all about making sure that you (students) know how to keep safe and seek help, if needed.


There are 2 fact sheets below about what to do if someone is hurting you or your friends, or making you feel unsafe.


Click here for a version includes pictures and simple sentences on keeping yourself safe.


Click here for more written information.


Support services for students:


Sometimes we need someone to talk to about something that is concerning us. Everyone should have a safety network of trusted adults that they can talk to. This is an example of a safety network. All of the people in your network should be over 18 years old and not all live in your house, or be members of your family.





Other people we can talk to can be contacted through:



The Office of the eSafety Commissioner provides information and support on cyberbullying and online safety.

Emergeny call 000

For any emergencies or if someone is in danger please call 000 immediately.