Parent Payment information

Parent Payment Information



Avondale Primary School is looking forward to another great year of teaching and learning and would like to advise you of Avondale Primary School’s Parent Payment arrangements for 2021.


Avondale Primary School Council has made a considerable effort to ensure that parent payments are fair and transparent and provide students with materials and services associated with education.


Essential Learning Items are those items, activities or services that are essential to support student learning of the standard curriculum. These are items that the school considers essential for all students and which students take possession of. These include student book pack and supplies and the materials used in classrooms. Art, Science and LOTE supplies.            


Optional Payments are those items, activities or services that are offered in addition to or support instruction in the standard curriculum program. These are provided on a user-pays basis so that if parents choose to access them for students, they are required to pay for them. . Teachers organise these activities to enhance the learning experience of their students, however, parents / carers decide whether they want their children to participate. Examples: school photos, camps, excursions, interschool sport, graduation, incursions and special days such as multicultural day. These events support and extend the learning that takes place at school


Voluntary Financial Contributions are those items and services that parents are invited to make a donation / voluntary payment toward the upkeep of the school grounds maintenance




Avondale Primary School understand that some families may experience financial difficulty and offers a range of support options, including:


  • Organising a payment plan
  • CSEF – Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund for eligible families
  • State Schools Relief
  • Second hand uniform sales supported by the parents & Friends Committee



More detailed information can be found by following this link: DET Parent Payment policy