• Welcome to

    Avondale Primary School

  • School values

    Achievement. Confidence. Pride.

  • APS Keys to Success

    Confidence, Resilience, Getting Along, Persistence & Organisation

  • School philosophy

    We aspire for students to have an enthusiasm for learning and find reward in participating.

  • Vision statement

    To maintain a caring and supportive environment that promotes in every student a desire to achieve.

Recent News

Return to school term 4

It has been a fantastic week having out Grades Prep to Six students return to onsite learning this week. Click READ MORE to view our Return to School Policy, or for information on COVID safe school practices.


Student voice: Saving (Y)our World by Morrigan R

Looking to the future 4: Biochar Welcome back to looking to the future! Today we will be talking about biochar, or charcoal soil, and how it will help us in the future. I hope you’re all biocharged up and ready to read this week’s instalment of saving (Y)our World.  


Mural of HOPE

In preparation for the 3/4s returning to school, teachers wanted to organise a special art mural. We wanted to acknowledge students' positive approach to learning online and learning with the support and guidance of teachers from afar.


Help us plan for the future of Avondale Primary School

We want to hear from you!  Our school has received State Government funding for upgrades!  We want to hear from our parents, carers and local community about what you’d like Avondale Primary School to look like beyond 2020.  The results of these surveys will help to shape our school’s new upgrade.


Saving (Y)our World Instalment 8

Wasting Water    by: Morrigan R:  I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before…“limit your shower to 3 minutes”, “don’t leave the tap on while brushing your teeth”, “only use as much water as you need”. Maybe you have heard it before, but have you really listened?


School Council election 2020

Ten parents have nominated for School Council so a Ballot will be conducted. The candidate statements may assist you with your voting decision; they are an attachment to this post.


Lions Club International Peace Poster

Avondale Primary has been participating in the International Peace Poster Competition sponsored by The Lion Club of Essendon for a number of years. 2019 has been a successful year with the most entries entered so far.


100 days of prep celebrations

Congratulations to all of our prep students who celebrated their 100th day of school yesterday. We are so proud of how far you have all come in your 100 days at Avondale Primary School.