Excursions and Camps


Students are regularly taken on camps and excursions, or see performers who come to the school. These experiences are an extension or reinforcement to classroom activities. They relate closely to the school curriculum and provide meaningful learning situations. Social skills, leadership, respect for the environment, and enjoyment are the aims of these activities.


Prior to any activity, full details are circulated to the parents through Compass. For a student to attend an excursion, it is necessary for parents to provide the school with a signed permission notice. This indicates to the school that the students are able to attend the activity, and that the school can act on the parents' behalf in emergency circumstances. 


Most activities incur a cost. The permission note will state the details of the excursion, cost and payment options available to parents for that activity.


The Camp program incorporates Year One Father’s Day breakfast, and a late stay evening at the school for Year 2 students. In 2022, Grade 3 / 4 students will have the opportunity to attend a Goldfields experience camp in Bendigo and students in 5/6 will travel to Canberra.


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