Vegetable Garden and Lunchtime Clubs

Vegetable garden


This week Mr. Pat and the students took part in preparing the vegetable garden, so we could begin planting our Winter/Spring vegetables and herbs. We learnt about the different types of seeds and seedlings, the best months to plant different vegetables and the types of climate they best grow in.

This week we planted brown onions, garlic, spring onions, mixed radish, strawberries, gourmet salad, peas, lettuce, parsley mint, oregano and thyme.




Over the next fortnight, Avondale Primary will be reviving our Garden Club. The Club will be organised and supervised by Signorina Pace and Mr Pat and students from year levels 3-6 are encouraged to sign up and help bring the garden to life every Monday at lunchtime beginning Week 3. With spring approaching, we are planning to plant seasonal vegetables and grow a herb garden. There is also the possibility to use our harvests later in the year. We also encourage parent volunteers and our Avondale community to get involved and welcome any seed donations to support this venture.


Sarah Pace – Italian Teacher/Garden Club Coordinator


Patrick Calleja – Grade 5 Teacher/Garden Club Coordinator








Student clubs

During 2023 students will be able to take part in lunchtime activities run by their peers. 

Previous clubs have included:

- Chess club

- Dodgeball

- Soccer

- Knitting

- Coding

- Drawing



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