Specialist Classes Teaching and Learning News 2024




This week, students entered the Auslan room with great excitement, eager to begin learning a variety of new

hand signs and demonstrating some of what they had discovered during the holiday break. All of the grades have

been introduced to the topics to be covered throughout each semester and taught a list of basic hand signs to

engage in short conversations. We also discussed the Auslan classroom expectations, and took part in some fun

getting to know each other activities. The student’s enthusiasm towards learning Auslan this week has been




This week students discussed the SWPBS, respectful behaviours and learning routines in the Science Room. They

also had the opportunity to list their own expectations and preferences for learning activities.


Physical Education

This week students discussed rules and expectations that will be reinforced during PE. We explored the

importance of being a ‘good sport’ whilst identifying the exciting events coming up in Term 1 for different grades

and the different focus topics that will be participated in. Students in Grade 3-6 will begin to practice and prepare

themselves for the upcoming Athletics Day in Term 2 whilst the junior school will consistently explore and refine

their fundamental movement and motor skills.


Visual Arts

This fortnight in Visual Arts, students were excited to be back in the Art room for another semester. We have

started the year with developing classroom expectations, including cleaning up after each session, using and

cleaning the sink, walking to and from the classroom and revised the safety poster.


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