Grade 5/6 Teaching and Learning News 2024


Term 1 2024

Routines for Success


The students in 5/6B have been enthusiastically embracing the adventures of the first two weeks back at school.

They’ve been busy laying the foundations for a successful year through our Routines for Success program.

Through vibrant classroom discussions, the students of 5/6B have explored classroom expectations, how to be

great mathematicians and building a strong classroom community. We are super excited for the rest of the year!


Students in 5/6C have had a fun and productive start to 2024! Through our Routines for Success program we have

been getting to know each other and unpacking the ways in which we are all great readers, writers and

mathematicians. We have worked collaboratively to establish our classroom expectations aligned with our school

values of Respect, Responsibility and Learning.


Students in 5/6D have settled in well and are already working as a team. We have been working through the

Routines for Success program, where we collaboratively establish classroom expectations and build relationships.

As a new teacher to the school, I have been excited to get to know the students and love the class motto they

devised - ‘5/6D, the place to be!’ Feelings of pride and community come to mind and I look forward to seeing the

school values of Learning, Respect and Responsibility shine through.


In 5/6E we have set up our routines for success. We created and discussed our classroom expectations, how each

lesson is structured and how to be a great mathematician. We also worked on our class motto ‘You can if you think

you can’. It was fantastic to see students building new relationships and working together.



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