Grade 4 Teaching and Learning News 2024


Term 2 2024


Last week Grade 4A, engaged in shop experiences shops to learn more about using money to purchase items and calculating the change to the nearest five cents. We used our imaginations to fill our shop with items in our classroom and invented our own money system using different coloured connector blocks and play money. Students were enthusiastic at promoting their wares, it felt like we were in a market place.


In 4B this week alongside the rest of the Grade Four cohort, we took a hands-on approach to environmental awareness with a rubbish audit immediately following lunch. The Grade Four team sorted through our discarded items, from food wrappers to containers, and measured the physical space our trash occupied on the school grounds. The results were eye-opening, underscoring the need for mindful consumption and waste reduction efforts.


In 4C, we have been learning about Money. We collected supermarket catalogues and cut out items and added up their totals. We had to calculate the amount of change we would receive from various amounts, e.g. $20. We also used the school’s canteen menu to calculate orders and work out what change we would receive if we paid by cash.

Inquiry Learning 

Grade 4 students all had fun learning and exploring the Melbourne Zoo. During the education session students were introduced to the seven seasons of the Kulin Nation and learnt how all living things are connected to each other. Students then explored the changing seasons and its impact by making observations from 3 categories -signs of life, features and insects.


The Grade Four students have been busy learning about the relationship between numbers to solve missing number and equivalence problems. We have been challenging our mathematicians to think beyond computational methods. We have also been learning about measuring, calculating and converting weight. Students used hefting and scaled instruments to measure and compare objects using the metric units of megagrams, grams and kilograms.

Anzac Day

The Grade 4s were absorbed in our ANZAC Day topic this week, reading nonfiction texts and the fiction book ‘Meet...the ANZACs’ - by Claire Saxby and Max Berry. Students researched why and how we celebrate ANZAC Day. Students used this research to create information reports to answer their wonders. We also explored the poem ‘Why We Wear a Poppy’ - by Don Crawford and how this makes us feel. We also discussed the author’s choice of words and the author's craft.

Term 1 2024



During Mathematics lessons, the Grade 4 students have been focusing on place value, measuring length and collecting data. They also practised visually representing it using picture, bar and line graphs. We have used our problem-solving skills to explore the importance of place value and the number zero. We headed outside and measured our broad jumps, estimated using our steps and measured the futsal court using standard units of measurement.

This week we have continued to explore formal and informal units and investigated whether the lengths of both arms, extended out, equate to our height. Using streamers, students tested this theory, measuring out a length of streamer, lying down on the floor to check if they were accurate. Students then used a combination of rulers to measure their heights. They had so much fun.


Inquiry Learning


In Grade 4, we have been immersed into the impact that disabilities have on people. In this learning experience, we wanted our students to experience what it would be like to be blind. Students were then asked to complete an activity in pairs, where one would be blindfolded and one would assist. This allowed students to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes to experience the daily implications.

Another valuable learning experience was taking the students on an accessibility experience. This time students were putting themselves in the shoes of someone who uses a wheelchair. Using a map students investigated and identified areas in our school that are inaccessible. We then discussed how this would impact their ability to feel included in our school community.


Zones of Regulation


Grade 4 students had deep and rich discussions about the feelings and attitudes we experience when we are in particular zones. We often can shift throughout these zones depending on the situation. Students shared and wrote statement examples of what they feel or experience when they are in each of the zones. Some students also shared their phobias and anxieties connecting to being in the yellow zone. This learning experience was helpful in getting to know our students and peers.

This year we will be learning more about emotions, coping strategies and positive behaviours. We are working towards being able to self regulate.

Routines for Success


In Grade 4 we have been enjoying getting to know each other and setting ourselves up for success by creating class

mission statements. We have reminded ourselves of our school values by respecting one another, taking

responsibility for our belongings and learning more and more about our peers and teachers. As a cohort we also got

all together and played some fun getting to know you games. This week we were also very excited to meet our

Foundation buddies and enjoyed time reading to them, drawing together and eating our snacks. What a great start

to 2024!




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