Grade 3 Teaching and Learning News 2024


Term 2 2024

English- International Refugee Week

This week in English, Grade 3 students have been celebrating International Refugee Week by reading stories and watching videos about the lives and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers. During one writing session, students imagined what they would say if they wrote a letter to a refugee who had recently arrived in Australia and how we could help them feel welcome.


Inquiry Learning

The Grade 3 students have been having an amazing time immersing themselves in our Inquiry unit ‘The Blue Marble’. An absolute highlight for us was our Melbourne Zoo Excursion! The students got up close and personal with so many of the animals, 3A got to see the lions during their feeding time, 3B were all giggles as they watched the platypus play and 3C were captivated by the gorillas. Back in the classroom, we've been deepening our understanding of endangered animals. Drawing from our experiences at the zoo, we've been discussing why it's important to protect these species and what we can do to help. In the weeks ahead, we'll be exploring this topic further, as students research and share their findings about different endangered animals. We're excited to see their passion for wildlife conservation continue to grow as they connect their real-life experiences with our classroom learning.


This week the Grade Three students have been learning about the way we can solve addition and subtraction equations efficiently. We solved equations and shared our thinking with others about the strategies we used. Some people used the ‘Make to Ten’ strategy, others added the largest numbers first and then the smallest numbers next, some created a number line to count on from. It was interesting to find out the different ways people think mathematically when problem solving. We also revised our time knowledge. We drew a clock and wrote down all the facts we could think of related to telling the time. We had opportunities to read and show times on analogue clocks. We revised time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour and were learning how to tell time to minute intervals. We also made connections between analogue time and digital time.

Anzac Day and Auslan


This week in Grade 3, our students focused on the importance of ANZAC Day and its origins. We explored this topic through engaging books like ANZAC Ted, deepening our understanding of Gallipoli and past wars and how important it is to respect and remember those who have been affected by war. Each student took time to reflect and record what ANZAC Day is and what it means to them.

On Tuesday we were so lucky to have a special visit from Auslan Education Services. Naomi shared her experiences as a deaf person with us. We then had the opportunity to ask questions with the assistance of an interpreter. Students had the chance to practise their Auslan, using basic signs to speak to Naomi and practise their Auslan alphabet. This experience deepened their understanding and appreciation of different forms of communication.

Term 1 2024



This week the Grade 3 students problem-solved in Mathematics. We had three overlapping circles that created 7 spaces to place a single digit number. Using the digits 1 to 7, students randomly placed the number cards in a space and then added the total of each circle. The aim was to position the number cards in a way that would make each circle have the same total.

Students worked together to find a solution to the problem. We found that there were a number of solutions.


Inquiry Learning 


Through our Inquiry unit in Grade 3 students have explored a range of different disabilities. Students have engaged in a range of activities including watching video messages from people with disabilities and learning how this impacts on their daily lives. We learnt about Cerebral Palsy, and vision and hearing impairments. To further learn about the impact of being visually impaired, students took part in a blindfold task with a partner. One partner led the other around and supported them with directions. This activity, and others have been followed by discussions about how we can be inclusive.


Zones of Regulation


This week Grade 3 students have been revising what the Zones of Regulation are. We explored different emotions we feel and where these emotions fit in with the coloured zones. We identified that we move slowly in the Blue Zone when we feel sad, sick, tired or bored. We feel relaxed, focused, calm and happy in the Green Zone. In the Yellow Zone we start to lose some control as we feel frustrated, worried, silly or excited. In the Red Zone we might need some help to regulate our emotions, as we feel out of control with feelings of being mad and angry, terrified or devastated. Everybody experiences time in all of these zones; being able to recognise emotions helps us to understand how others are feeling and to recognise our own feelings too. We made class posters to remind ourselves about the different emotions we feel and which coloured zone they relate to.


Routines for Success


Grade 3A have been busy setting up our classroom library for independent reading. We shared our favourite books

to read with one another and created a beautiful display of book covers on the back wall. It is so nice to display our

work for everyone to enjoy! We are building up our reading stamina each day in the classroom.



In 3B we have had a wonderful time getting to know each other in our first two weeks of the 2024 school year!

Students have been so excited to contribute to making our class expectations and have shown how familiar they all

are with our school values when discussing what we want our classroom to look like, sound like and feel like. We

have started our Inquiry unit Someone Else’s Shoes where we will be learning to see the world from different

perspectives, particularly people with disabilities. Students made their own All about me art where they designed a

shoe that represented themselves.



Grade 3C has had a great second week of school! We have been playing games and practising teamwork, learning

about our strengths and how a growth mindset can help us make our brains stronger! We have also been learning

about the importance of making an acknowledgement of Country to pay respect to the owners of the land we learn

on, the Wurundjeri people. Finally, we have started our Inquiry unit “Someone Else’s Shoes” where we will be

learning to see the world from different perspectives, particularly people with disabilities.



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