Grade 2 Teaching and Learning News 2024


Term 2 2024


Grade 2 - This fortnight in writing, we have been focusing on creating texts in response to a prompt. We read the story ‘If I Were Prime Minister’ and students responded to the text by planning, drafting and publishing their own writing pieces on what they would do if they were Prime Minister. We have also been focusing on adjectives and how we can incorporate them into descriptive writing pieces. We created a word splash of adjectives that could be used to describe a picture and then formed descriptive sentences to match.


Inquiry Learning

This term the Grade 2 inquiry topic is ‘Tiptoe Through this World’ which is all about the importance of sustainability. We have spoken about the 3R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle and have sorted rubbish into the appropriate bins. The Grade 2s have made predictions on how long rubbish takes to decompose and buried rubbish in the school grounds to see if our predictions are correct once we dig them back up. We have also conducted an experiment to see under which conditions pumpkin will decompose the quickest. We have discussed ways we can leave a light environmental footprint in this world and created posters and songs to match. Some of the examples included using natural light rather than turning the light on, turning taps off and putting our rubbish in the correct bin. The Grade 2 students are excited about their upcoming excursion to Edendale Farm where they will learn more about sustainability.



In Grade Two we have been learning about addition through number stories and learning different and more efficient ways to solve problems. This includes counting on, doubling, near doubles, partitioning and the make to 10 strategy. We have explored a range of different materials that can be used to assist in solving problems and have had an emphasis on sharing our mathematical knowledge with our peers. We have also been learning about chance. The Grade 2s loved using a spinner to predict, gather data and discuss the probability of what their spinner would land on. We used the words ‘likely’, ‘unlikely’, ‘certain’ and ‘impossible’.


Anzac Day

In Grade Two we learned about the history of ANZAC Day through our mentor text ‘Anzac Biscuits’. We spoke about the significance of Anzac Biscuits and how they were baked to send to loved ones in the war. Students also had the opportunity to help bake some ANZAC Biscuits and take one home to try. We incorporated these learning experiences into reading and writing and built on our prior knowledge of ANZAC Day.

Term 1 2024



In Grade 2, we have been deepening our understanding of place value by creating 2 digit numbers using concrete materials, then comparing and sequencing these numbers on number lines. We have also been exploring length, using informal units of measurement, such as paddle pop sticks, unifix cubes and matchsticks to measure and compare different objects around the classroom. We have discussed the importance of using a unit that is the same size when measuring, and ensured we did not leave gaps or overlap, for accuracy.


Inquiry Learning: Celebrating Differences


In Grade 2, we have been learning about ‘Celebrating Differences’. We have discussed why celebrating differences is important and what the word ‘multicultural’ means. Students have expressed why living in a multicultural world is good and have developed an appreciation of it. Additionally, students have shared their origins and culture, and we have displayed this on our Grade 2 multicultural map (see below). This week we have learnt about the country Italy where students enjoyed playing the traditional Italian game Bocce. Students also had the opportunity to discuss and draw a picture of a dish from their culture.



Zones of Regulation 


In 2A we have been revising the Zones of Regulation, strategies to manage our emotions and feelings and how a persons’ body language demonstrates what emotions they may be feeling. We have created a display together and have a check in station where each student is able to move their photo to show what zone they are in. Additionally, we have spoken about ‘Emotions Potions’ sentence starter; these sentences can help other people to understand how we are feeling.


In 2B we discussed our Zones of Regulation. Students participated in a game of emotions statues to revise and identify different feelings. We also discussed different scenarios and the zones that those scenarios would put us in.

In 2C we have been revising our Zones of Regulation. We discussed what emotions fit into each zone, how we can recognise what someone is feeling through their facial expressions and body language. We then created our class posters and check in chart, so students are able to move their photo to identify which zone they are in throughout the day. We have also been revising our School Wide Positive Behaviour matrix and created displays of what our expectations would look like indoors and outside. As part of our whole school wellbeing, 2C have also been participating in a dance workshop called STOMP once a week. The students are really enjoying learning lots of different dance moves and showing off their skills.


Routines for Sucess

In Grade 2, we have set up our Routines for Success for the different curriculum areas, including Reading, Writing

and Maths. We have learnt lots about our classmates and have made some new connections through talking about

our holidays, getting to know you games, letter writing and all about me activities. We have spoken about, taken

photos of and labelled what independent reading looks like, as well as the spots that we can independently read in.

We have spoken about having a growth mindset and a can-do attitude. Students made their own bookmark they

will use throughout the year, with personal qualities using the letters of their name.



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