Foundation Teaching and Learning News 2024



Term 2 2024

English and Mathematics


In Foundation, we have been writing facts about various animals, including whales, koalas, lions, cats, and lizards. The students are focusing on constructing complete sentences, which involve starting with a capital letter, using finger spaces between words, recording letter sounds and ending with a full stop.


Minibeasts Incursion 


Our Foundation students recently embarked on an exciting incursion all about minibeasts. They had the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of insects and other small creatures up close. Through interactive activities and hands on experiences, the students learnt about the diverse habitats, fascinating bodies and amazing facts about minibeasts. Thank you to Andy from Labcoat Learning for this amazing opportunity.





The Foundation students have been exploring ways to count collections and share their thinking. They have been working collaboratively to estimate, count and order their collections from smallest to biggest. Students have used concrete materials and drawings to represent their collections. They have also been consolidating their knowledge of collecting data by asking yes/no questions to peers and using their data to make a picture graph.



Anzac Day and Literacy


The Foundation students learned about ANZAC Day and the importance of remembering our soldiers. We listened to a story called Anzac Ted. Anzac Ted has worn patches and missing parts, but when he belonged to Grandpa Jack, he travelled across the world to serve as a mascot for ANZAC soldiers, providing them with comfort, courage and hope for their safe return home. The foundation students then created their own Anzac Ted.

Term 1 2024



In Literacy this term, Foundation students have been strengthening their fine motor skills and reading and writing different CVC words (example; c-a-t). They met Milo the Monkey and his friends to support their letter sound knowledge and the concepts of print.

In Numeracy, we have been learning about the numbers 0-5, through subitising, hands on activities and part-part whole. We have been learning about different patterns, length, and have sequenced the events in our days.

For Harmony Week, we have been celebrating our different cultures in Foundation. We celebrated how we are all different but all the same.

We have enjoyed our first term of learning and fun in Foundation!

Inquiry Learning: Fairness and Friendship

The Foundation inquiry topic for this term is "Fairness and Friendship." This week, our focus was on learning about rules and understanding why we need to follow them. In class, we clarified our classroom rules and discussed the reasons behind each rule. Students then illustrated a classroom rule and were able to put some of these into practice during our learning through play session. For example, they practised taking turns, using walking feet, helping each other tidy up, looking after the toys, and asking for permission before leaving the classroom.


Zones of Regulation

The Foundation students were introduced to the Zones of Regulation. They learnt that there are four coloured zones, and within these zones, we may experience different emotions. Students listened to a story that illustrated how we might feel in the coloured zones. Afterwards, students identified which emotions belong to each zone and shared what coloured zone they were in during the session.

Welcome to Foundation

Excitement filled Learning Community 2 as our youngest learners, the Foundation students, embarked on their

journey at Avondale Primary School. The first few weeks have been filled with laughter, discovery, and new

friendships. From being in the classrooms to playing in the playground, our Foundation students have eagerly

explored their surroundings, soaking in all aspects of school life. Here's to a fantastic start for our Foundation

students, and to many more weeks of fun and learning ahead!


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