Grade 5/6 Teaching and Learning News 2023




Over the past few weeks, Grade 5/6A have delved into the captivating world of creating new business ideas and inventions.

The classroom has been transformed into a hotbed of creativity and innovation as our students navigated the intricacies of brainstorming, designing, and refining their business concepts. Through this hands-on experience, they've learned the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

They have embraced the challenge of envisioning new products or enhancements to existing ones. From eco-friendly solutions to technological innovations, their ideas showcase not just their imagination but also their understanding of real-world needs and solutions. Moreover, this Inquiry based project has nurtured rich discussions and collaboration as students formed groups to synergize their ideas.


In 5/6B, students have been working on passion projects. They have researched and presented projects displaying their knowledge in different ways. Some students wrote poems, raps, built 3D models and created detailed Powerpoint presentations.


In Grade 5/6A students have been diving into the world of fractions, decimals, and percentages with enthusiasm and determination. They've been mastering the art of converting fractions to decimals and percentages and vice versa. They've discovered that fractions can represent parts of a whole, while decimals and percentages make understanding real-life situations like discounts and savings a breeze. Through interactive activities and engaging lessons, they've grasped the concept of equivalency and how to simplify fractions. These young mathematicians are now confidently solving word problems involving these mathematical concepts, showing remarkable growth in their numeracy skills. We're proud of our progress and look forward to the continued exploration of mathematics.


Grade 5/6B collaboratively worked on a equivalent fractions jigsaw puzzle which required them to calculate addition and subtraction of fractions in a context that challenged and motivated students.


Over the past few weeks the Grade 5/6s have been learning about Cyber Safety. We have explored the benefits of passphrases and how to use these to develop long, strong and secure passwords. We then created long, strong passwords that were easy for us to remember but difficult for others to decipher.


We also discussed online scams and developed strategies to avoid falling victim to these scams. Students created an acronym with strategies to help themselves and others avoid being scammed.



In Literacy, Grade 5/6A have been writing narratives. The students were given an ending writing prompt ‘... and that is why it is still talked about to this day’ to include in their conclusion. They will then convert their narratives into scripts which they will then perform in the coming weeks.


56B have been working hard on exciting narratives that end with ‘... and that is why it is still talked about to this day.” Students have planned, drafted and edited their narratives and are now moving into the publishing stage.


Grade 5/6D

The students in 5/6D have been writing poetry of all types. We have looked at limericks, haikus, cinquains and quatrains. There have been many imaginative pieces written and some great examples of presentation.


In 5/6A, we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We have explored various strategies when solving a range of problems. We have also been measuring and creating different types of angles using protractors. It has been great to see the students continue to build on their mathematical knowledge this term.


In 5/6B, we have been learning about number patterns, addition and subtraction. We worked independently and collaboratively solving open ended problems. We are so proud of the mathematicians in our class and how they share their thinking and show persistence when working mathematically.




Grade 5/6D
We have been studying addition and subtraction in numeracy during the term and 5/6D decided to see what they could come up with that made 10. The students are working in small groups and are presenting their information on a poster. We will also investigate how we can represent 10 pictorially.


Reconciliation Week, Inquiry Learning and Water Safety

This week during Inquiry learning Grade 5/6A began researching the Vietnam War. We also had an in depth discussion about the importance of National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week. The students also took part in the Water Safety Incursion. It taught the students about water safety and empowered them to keep themselves and others safe in a range of aquatic environments including, beaches, rivers, lakes, pools and the home, through engaging practical activities.



This week, as swimming lessons take place for many grades within the school, the Grade 5/6s were visited by the surf lifesavers for a discussion about water safety. We were reminded of the important safety responsibilities we have around all waterways and how best to survive dangerous situations. The students were very keen to get involved in demonstrations and hopefully have come away with some important knowledge to take into account when they are next at a waterway.



On Thursday, the students of Avondale Primary School went to an incursion to learn about water safety and how to be safe around water.

Lifeguards came to teach us:

  • what to do whenever you are struggling in the water
  • how to wear a life jacket
  • to always swim between the flags
  • to always read the safety rules
  • to raise your hand up, close your fist, waved your arm around and say ‘HELP!’ when in trouble
  • We also learnt what to do if we see a snake, which is don’t go near it and if it is sleeping, back away slowly.

Written by Willow and Thomas



Personal and Social Learning 

Grade 5/6A began this week by having rich conversations and brainstorming ideas around gender and identity. The students worked together in groups and explored what might be different for a baby, based on whether it is born a male or female. As a class we shared their ideas. It was great to see the students fully immerse themselves in this learning activity. We also had a fun morning exercising, choosing our Gala Day teams and practising some drills.



This week during our Respectful Relationships lesson Grade 5/6B began Topic 7 – Gender and Identity. Students described the way in which gender influences how people relate to young children. Below are some questions and reflections students made at the end of our lesson.

“Why do people split things up between boys and girls?” -Audrey

“When babies are born, why are presents sorted for boys and girls?” - Shaylee

“This lesson made me realise how much gender expectations there are, to the point where boys and girls are expected to wear certain clothes or act in a certain way.” - Lua



Grade 5/6C Along with all the Grade 5/6s, we took part in morning fitness before breaking up to choose our gala interschool sport teams. We will learn new skills about our chosen game and represent Avondale Primary School against other district school in June.



Grade 5/6D We were lucky enough to visit Rosehill Secondary College recently and spent the day completing a range of fun activities and getting a feel for what secondary school is all about.



5/6E Grade 5/6E have started our unit on Gender Identity. We discussed why colours and toys are sorted for babies. We made a class list of chores that we do and for the most part found that they were evenly distributed among boys and girls. We have also been exercising and training for the upcoming Gala Day.


Anzac Day and Literacy 

This week 5/6A have been learning about the history of ANZAC Day. The students created poems on poppies and then as a class we made an ANZAC wreath.



After reading The ANZAC Violin, 56B wrote Haiku poems based on what they learnt about the ANZACs. A Haiku poem is a Japanese poem that consists of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. Haikus are usually about natural events, we wrote about what life was like for soldiers and their loved ones. Here are some Haiku poems written by 56B students.


Grade 5/6D commemorated our ANZAC Day studies by looking at the animals that courageously helped the troops during various battles. We found that camels, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and pigeons were all used to assist our troops during the war. We also uncovered a special medal awarded to some animals for courage and valour, called the Dickens Medal. Purple poppies are used when commemorating the animals of the war.

Term One highlight

Grade 5/6A In Grade 5/6A we have been learning about the history of ANZAC Day and explored the meaning behind the poppy and rosemary. We created a reef using the shape poems the students wrote. The Grade 5/6s also attended Gala Day where we versed neighbouring schools in hot shot, soccer and cricket. It was great to see the students display our school values, sportsmanship and most importantly have fun.




Grade 5/6A This week we celebrated Harmony Day. We celebrated Australian multiculturalism, inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians. In Numeracy we focused on analysing and representing data and graphs. The students researched the 7 day weather forecast, made daily weather predictions and created column graphs based on their findings.



In 5/6B we have been learning about place value of whole numbers and decimals. We created our own decimats. A decimat is a proportional model that represents the size of decimals as part of a whole. We then played a game of colour the decimat with a partner.



The students in 5/6D have been completing their cartesian plane location activity which are prominently placed up in our room. We have also been learning about decimals and their place on a number line. Interpreting graphs has been another topic we have covered.

Maths with Ms Fitcher

This week in tutoring our students focused on numbers with decimals. We placed numbers with decimals on a number line from 0 to 1, and from 1 to 2. The students explained why they placed their numbers in the positions. We also continue to use our place value skills to solve problems.



Inquiry Learning


During Inquiry Grade 5/6A have been focusing on ‘Ethics and Emotions’. We have been exploring a range of emotions and how they affect our decision making. The children have also been brainstorming their own moral values and how they are like guidelines that assist us in choosing between right from wrong or good from bad. As a class we also discussed how these values are crucial for making honest, credible, and fair decisions in everyday life. 


Grade 5/6B have been focusing on ‘Ethics and Emotions’. We worked together using crossword clues and dictionaries to expand our vocabulary of important words in our inquiry topic including: care, honesty, loyal, respect, dilemma, identity, metacognition, influence and pressure.



Grade 5/6C have been learning about how different scenarios can arise personal emotions and these emotions can then have a social impact and affect the emotions of others around us. Grade 5/6C had to work together in groups to brainstorm emotions that might arise personally and socially in their scenario and then act out the scenario to the class to guess which zone of regulation they were each portraying.

Comic books have also become a creative writing hit in the classroom, with a new comic collective developing fun stories for peers to read. 


Grade 5/6D were introduced to ethical dilemmas and worked in groups to discuss Axel’s and his father’s cheating experiences. The students looked at the similarities and differences in the two scenarios and discussed which stance they might have taken in the same situation.



Grade 5/6 E have explored how our emotional zones can affect our behaviour and attitudes. We have developed an understanding of how the impact this can have on those around us. We have also begun discussions around Ethics and role played some dilemmas.


Personal and Social Learning 

In 5/6A, we have been looking at the different Zones of Regulation and strategies we can use to manage our emotions. The students were given the task to choose an emotion, draw a picture and write a scenario to when they may feel these emotions.




In 5/6B, we have been learning about the Zones of Regulation and how our thoughts and feelings can impact our mood. Students participated in a circle time and explored situations that can make us feel Blue, Green, Yellow or Blue. Finally, students drew a character that represents them and placed it on our class chart.



Grade 5/6C we have been focusing on building respectful relationships in our classroom. Our personal backpacks tell details about who we are and what makes each of us unique. During writing time we have focused on learning how to conduct a peer interview, we then used our responses to write a postcard telling our audience about the new friend we got to know better! Puppets have also recently been appearing in our classroom, along with impromptu puppet shows filling our classroom with laughter and entertainment.



Grade 5/6D have been looking into reading body language and the emotions that can be depicted through various gestures, looks and facial movements. We have discussed the importance of reading the emotions of others in order to decipher the zones our friends and family might be in and how we can assist them towards the green zone. Can you read the emotion?


Routines for Success

In Grade 5/6A, we have been learning about classroom expectations and the structure of each lesson. As a class, the students had to think of what the role of the students and the teacher is during this time. It was fantastic to see students working together and building on each other's ideas.


Grade 5/6B have been learning how to be great mathematicians. During our first two weeks we got to know our classmates by playing games, collaborating and problem solving together.



In 5/6C we have been working collaboratively to create classroom expectations that reflect our school values. We discussed what it means to be respectful, responsible and how to be a learner.



Grade 5/6D have been putting together a student profile backpack that tells our classmates a little bit about ourselves in a very artistic way. We have also developed a classroom oath and discussed the expectations that will allow us to be respectful and responsible learners.


In Grade 56E, we have been working together to develop our Classroom Charter. We have set out our hopes and wishes for a happy and collaborative classroom. We have designed artistic and symbolic classroom mascots that represent our values. We are working on a class motto and have nearly finished our ‘getting to know us’ jigsaw puzzle.