Grade 5/6 Teaching and Learning News 2023




Grade 5/6A This week we celebrated Harmony Day. We celebrated Australian multiculturalism, inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians. In Numeracy we focused on analysing and representing data and graphs. The students researched the 7 day weather forecast, made daily weather predictions and created column graphs based on their findings.



In 5/6B we have been learning about place value of whole numbers and decimals. We created our own decimats. A decimat is a proportional model that represents the size of decimals as part of a whole. We then played a game of colour the decimat with a partner.



The students in 5/6D have been completing their cartesian plane location activity which are prominently placed up in our room. We have also been learning about decimals and their place on a number line. Interpreting graphs has been another topic we have covered.

Maths with Ms Fitcher

This week in tutoring our students focused on numbers with decimals. We placed numbers with decimals on a number line from 0 to 1, and from 1 to 2. The students explained why they placed their numbers in the positions. We also continue to use our place value skills to solve problems.



Inquiry Learning


During Inquiry Grade 5/6A have been focusing on ‘Ethics and Emotions’. We have been exploring a range of emotions and how they affect our decision making. The children have also been brainstorming their own moral values and how they are like guidelines that assist us in choosing between right from wrong or good from bad. As a class we also discussed how these values are crucial for making honest, credible, and fair decisions in everyday life. 


Grade 5/6B have been focusing on ‘Ethics and Emotions’. We worked together using crossword clues and dictionaries to expand our vocabulary of important words in our inquiry topic including: care, honesty, loyal, respect, dilemma, identity, metacognition, influence and pressure.



Grade 5/6C have been learning about how different scenarios can arise personal emotions and these emotions can then have a social impact and affect the emotions of others around us. Grade 5/6C had to work together in groups to brainstorm emotions that might arise personally and socially in their scenario and then act out the scenario to the class to guess which zone of regulation they were each portraying.

Comic books have also become a creative writing hit in the classroom, with a new comic collective developing fun stories for peers to read. 


Grade 5/6D were introduced to ethical dilemmas and worked in groups to discuss Axel’s and his father’s cheating experiences. The students looked at the similarities and differences in the two scenarios and discussed which stance they might have taken in the same situation.



Grade 5/6 E have explored how our emotional zones can affect our behaviour and attitudes. We have developed an understanding of how the impact this can have on those around us. We have also begun discussions around Ethics and role played some dilemmas.


Personal and Social Learning 

In 5/6A, we have been looking at the different Zones of Regulation and strategies we can use to manage our emotions. The students were given the task to choose an emotion, draw a picture and write a scenario to when they may feel these emotions.




In 5/6B, we have been learning about the Zones of Regulation and how our thoughts and feelings can impact our mood. Students participated in a circle time and explored situations that can make us feel Blue, Green, Yellow or Blue. Finally, students drew a character that represents them and placed it on our class chart.



Grade 5/6C we have been focusing on building respectful relationships in our classroom. Our personal backpacks tell details about who we are and what makes each of us unique. During writing time we have focused on learning how to conduct a peer interview, we then used our responses to write a postcard telling our audience about the new friend we got to know better! Puppets have also recently been appearing in our classroom, along with impromptu puppet shows filling our classroom with laughter and entertainment.



Grade 5/6D have been looking into reading body language and the emotions that can be depicted through various gestures, looks and facial movements. We have discussed the importance of reading the emotions of others in order to decipher the zones our friends and family might be in and how we can assist them towards the green zone. Can you read the emotion?


Routines for Success

In Grade 5/6A, we have been learning about classroom expectations and the structure of each lesson. As a class, the students had to think of what the role of the students and the teacher is during this time. It was fantastic to see students working together and building on each other's ideas.


Grade 5/6B have been learning how to be great mathematicians. During our first two weeks we got to know our classmates by playing games, collaborating and problem solving together.



In 5/6C we have been working collaboratively to create classroom expectations that reflect our school values. We discussed what it means to be respectful, responsible and how to be a learner.



Grade 5/6D have been putting together a student profile backpack that tells our classmates a little bit about ourselves in a very artistic way. We have also developed a classroom oath and discussed the expectations that will allow us to be respectful and responsible learners.


In Grade 56E, we have been working together to develop our Classroom Charter. We have set out our hopes and wishes for a happy and collaborative classroom. We have designed artistic and symbolic classroom mascots that represent our values. We are working on a class motto and have nearly finished our ‘getting to know us’ jigsaw puzzle.