Grade 4 Teaching and Learning News 2023



Grade 4 This term we have been busy learning about the place value of large numbers and how we can rename them so that we understand each digit's value. For measurement we have had fun measuring length. After using rulers, tape measures, trundle wheels and digital devices we now have a better understanding of different units of length. We also measured temperature and recorded the weather for a week. On Harmony Day we used maths to investigate how diverse our classrooms are. After conducting a survey, collecting and collating data we found out that we indeed have wonderful multicultural classrooms.



Inquiry Learning


The Grade 4 inquiry unit this term is titled, The Game of Life. Students began by learning about how they can describe and be proud of their identity. We have now moved on to learn about taking responsible risks, moving outside our comfort zone and making ethical decisions.


Personal and Social Learning 

The Grade 4 students have been working on identifying emotions and recognising how we feel in the different zones. We have been sharing our personal strengths and challenges and identifying the skills that we might like to develop further. There have been opportunities to share our interests that make up our identity, whilst appreciating how we might differ from others.



Getting to know our Buddies


Foundation & Grade 4: Last week our buddy program began, Foundation students were allocated a grade 4 buddy to be a familiar face when they are feeling a little unsure and help support them in the yard. We have been getting to know one another and having picnic lunches together. The grade 4 students have been great role models to our Foundation students.


Grade 4A Buddy Reflections



By Riya: Today I met my Foundation buddy, her name is Edie. She likes many games like tag and she loves to play on the monkey bars. Edie is energetic and runs a lot.


By Hania: My buddy Samara is shy, so my goal is to make her believe in herself. During recess she loved to play on the slide. She told me that her favourite animal is a lion. I played on the equipment with her and I was just supervising her to make sure she was ok! My buddy and I had the best time ever!


By Kirwan: Today I met my Foundation buddy, his name is Luke. We came together like that!! He really likes soccer. We played soccer together.


By Katrina: Today I met my Foundation buddy, his name is Sotiri. I learned that Sotiri really likes fruit, especially mango. At recess we went to the playground to play on the slide. Afterwards, we went on a little walk around the school and then he left to play with his sister. I really enjoyed talking with Sotiri.


By Kristina: Today I met my Foundation buddy. His name is Michael. He said his favourite colour is purple and he likes bananas. I hope we get along together. At the end when I brought him to his line up his eyes started watering and he wouldn’t let me go!


By Donovan: Today I met my Foundation buddy, his name is Mack. Mack likes going down the slide.


By Simon: Today I met my Foundation buddy, his name is Tommy and he is four years old. I said, ‘do you like Roblox?’ He said that he got Roblox for Christmas.


By Kayla: Today I met my new buddy, her name is Ada. Ada loves to play games with her friends and she also loves to bake with her mum. At recess she also made a new friend called Emily. We played on the slide and we played tag. It was lovely, I’m glad I’m her buddy.


By Jessica: Today I met my buddy Selena, she is a bit shy but she is very kind. We went to the playground and did lots of things like go on the slide and talk to each other. We had lots of fun on our first day.


By Hannah Today I met my Foundation buddy, her name is Nina. I learned that Nina’s favourite colour is pink. At recess I asked her if she wanted to go on the playground. We went down the slide and after that we played a short round of Duck Duck Goose.