Grade 3 Teaching and Learning News 2023



Grade 3A

During our Inquiry unit titled ‘Our Island Home,’ grade 3 students completed an individual homework research project on a neighbouring country to Australia. Students had a choice to present their work as a project poster or as a Powerpoint presentation. Students had the opportunity to learn many facts about countries such as New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa.




Grade 3 students have been continuing our work on multiplication and are starting to make connections with perimeter and area. In chance and probability we have been designing and conducting our own chance experiments using spinners.

Whole School Disco

Grade 3 students had a wonderful time dancing at the Grade 3/4 disco last week! Teachers loved seeing the incredible dance moves on display and were particularly impressed by how well all our students showed our school values and demonstrated respect for each other.


Lady Northcote Camp

During the last week of Term 3, a large number of Grade 3 and Grade 4 students attended the Lady Northcote camp in Bacchus Marsh. 


We had three days of fun and adventures including making damper, going on the giant swing, bike riding, orienteering, playing frisbee golf, learning archery and completing a scavenger hunt. 

The kids had an amazing time and so did the teachers! The bus trip home was very quiet after an action-packed camp. The recount writing from students highlighted that they were impressed with the camp food and approved of the camp activities!


Grade 3 students have been learning strategies for addition and subtraction, including fact families, bridging to ten and using a number line. We have explored the concept of equivalence through problem solving tasks.



Personal and Social Learning and Education Week

Grade 3 students have been investigating our personal identity and discussing how we can be similar and different to others. To celebrate Education Week, we played 'Movement Code' as a fun warm up to our numeracy learning.



Reconciliation Week

Grade 3 students commemorated Reconciliation Week by investigating two important days in Australian history, the 1967 Referendum and the 1992 High Court Mabo decision. We created posters to share our understanding of this year’s theme ‘Be a Voice for Generations’.



Anzac Day and Literacy 

This week in literacy, Grade 3 students have been learning all about summarising. We have been taking notes of the main idea and the supporting details to help us write a summary of our reading in our own words. Fantastic work Grade 3s!


Term One highlight 

Grade 3 students have been learning about the significance of ANZAC Day. We read a book, ‘Meet the Anzacs’ and investigated the events leading up to the landing at Gallipoli on 25th April, 1915. Students worked hard this week to write and present a speech to their peers about the reasons why they should be selected as their grade’s SRC representative.



Grade 3 students have been continuing our work in place value, focusing on making, naming, comparing and ordering numbers. We have linked this learning with measurement and investigated the connection between mm, centimetres, metres and kilometres.



Personal and Social Learning

Grade 3 students have been learning how to identify their emotions through a variety of classroom games and activities. They have learnt to use their body language and voices to communicate emotions throughout their daily lives. Grade 3 students have also been learning about emotional triggers that can affect the ways in which we relate to each other.


Routines for Success


In Grade 3A, we have been busy setting up our Routines for Success and getting to know each other over the past two weeks. We have discussed our class rules, behavioural expectations and worked on the best ways that we can learn this year. Students have taken part in many ‘getting to know you’ games and activities, whilst setting up some cool displays around our classroom.


In 3B we have had a fabulous start to the new school year. We have spent the last 2 weeks learning more about each other, setting up our Routines for Success, and reacquainting ourselves with what attributes and skills make good learners.



In Grade 3C, we have set up our Routines for Success for the different curriculum areas, including writing. We worked in teams to brainstorm ideas about the reasons why we write, what makes a good writer, the importance of writing and how we can improve our work. Off to a fantastic start to the year 3C!