Grade 1 Teaching and Learning News 2023




In 1A we have been learning about quicker ways to count collections. Students have been practising skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s from zero. We enjoyed completing a range of activities this week to consolidate our counting skills.



In 1B we have been learning about time. Students have been learning to tell the time to the hour and half hour using both analogue and digital clocks. They have developed their understanding by reading, making, and recording time using mini clocks, maths stories and games.



In 1C we have been learning why skip counting is quicker to count than counting by 1s. We investigated how long it takes us to skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s and found that skip counting by 10s was the quickest! We have also been learning to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks and exploring the features of these clocks. We even made our very own paper clocks.


Inquiry Learning


Our Inquiry topic this term is ‘Growing Older and Wiser.’ 1A have been exploring changes that people and other living things make over time. Students used baby pictures to describe how they have changed. We have discussed what they are capable of during different milestones between birth and now, as well as imagining what they will be capable of in the future. To explore growth and changes, we have also planted bean seeds which we will observe weekly.



As part of our inquiry topic this term ‘Growing Older and Wiser’, 1B are learning what living things need to grow and change so that we can help care for plants and animals. Last week students planted bean seeds and have been observing and recording changes weekly in their diary. This week students have been learning to compare our capabilities and milestones between birth to now and the future. They created their own timeline of their life and drew a picture of their future self.



Our Inquiry topic this term is ‘Growing Older and Wiser’. 1C have been exploring what makes us unique by looking at our fingerprints and identifying the different patterns made by them. We have had lots of fun playing a 1C Baby Guess Who game and observed how we have changed between birth and now. This week we also planted our bean seeds to explore the life cycle of a bean and how it changes over time. This week we discovered that our seeds are already forming roots!




Personal and Social Learning 


In 1A students have been revising what they know about Zones of Regulation. As a class we discussed the different feelings that we can experience in each zone and students are beginning to self assess themselves by placing their photo on the relevant zone. Students have also been working collaboratively in groups to think of different scenarios and match them to the feelings and zones.



In 1B, we have been learning about the Zones of Regulation and becoming aware of how actions and behaviour change our feelings and the zone that we are in. Students were given a variety of scenarios and encouraged to think about how this would make them feel and which zone they would be in.



In 1C, we have been discussing our emotions and how these reflect our feelings and what zone we might be in. This week, we worked collaboratively to understand how different scenarios might make us feel and what zone they may put us into; GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE or RED. In RRRR, we have also discussed our different emotions and the key signals that help us to identify what emotion we are feeling.




Routines for Success 


Grade 1A have had a very positive start to Grade One. We have set up Routines for Success, and students have created class rules and expectations. We have also been getting to know each other and thinking about what goal we want to achieve this year!



Grade 1B has had an excellent start to Grade One. We have been collaboratively setting up our classroom and establishing expectations while getting to know each other.




Grade 1C have had a wonderful start to 2023! Throughout the week we have been collaborating to establish our Routines for Success. We have explored what it means to be a good reader, writer, mathematician, listener and learner whilst getting to know more about each other and who we are as individuals and as a class.