Foundation Teaching and Learning News 2023



In Foundation A we have been developing our understanding of length and measurement through fun and interactive activities. Students chose different pictures to measure, for example, a whale, cupcake, carrot and ice cream and measured the length using materials such as blocks and gems. We used our careful counting skills while measuring along the black line on our pictures. We then recorded our answers and shared with a partner how long our pictures were.



In Foundation B, we have been improving our subitising skills, by recognising the number of dots when we see them. We have been playing fun games together and have been great learners!



In Foundation C we have been learning lots of new fun maths games. We have been learning to play estimate and check which helps us to estimate and count. We also had a subitising station which allows us to recognise dots instantly without counting the number of dots shown.



Inquiry Learning 


In Foundation, our Inquiry Topic for this term is ‘Shaping our Identity’. In Week 7, we made ‘Identity Bags’, decorated them and took them home to fill them up with things that represent our identity. Some things included in the bags were our favourite colour, toy, food or sport. We shared with our classmates the items we put in our bag and what they mean to us.


Personal and Social Learning 

In Foundation we have been learning about the Zones of Regulation. We spoke about the different coloured zones and how we might feel in these zones. We created a zones area where students will be able to express and share how they are feeling and why. Foundation students also had the opportunity to colour monsters to express what coloured zone they were in. They also drew a picture showing how they feel in each zone.




Getting to know our Buddies 

Foundation & Grade 4


Last week our buddy program began, Foundation students were allocated a grade 4 buddy to be a familiar face when they are feeling a little unsure and help support them in the yard. We have been getting to know one another and having picnic lunches together. The grade 4 students have been great role models to our Foundation students.