Grade 6 Teaching and Learning News



What's been happening in Grade 6 in 2022?



Canberra Camp Week 


On Monday 21st November, the Grade 5/6 campers set off to Canberra by bus for four nights. At the camp students participated in a variety of learning experiences, including Government House and Parliament House, Australian War Memorial, National Museum of Australia, National Gallery of Australia, Electoral Education Centre, Museum of Australian Democracy, Royal Australian Mint, National Capital Exhibition, Questacon by night, ANZAC Parade Walking Trail and Australian Institute of Sport.


5/6 Canberra Camp Poem

After hours of driving to Canberra, we found a new home.

Now it’s time to do no more chores on my own.

We visited many places, like the War Memorial.

We even learnt more about how much we needed whale oil.

We did many fun activities, like bowling and Questacon.

But we still have to cooperate on many things later on.

Only a few hours left, until we are back to our lovely state.

Hopefully our parents aren’t mad if we arrive pretty late.


Written and performed at Avondale’s Got Talent (Canberra 5/6 Camp) by Miguel, Axel, Jaiden and Zadok.


Grade 5/6 students onsite: It has been a busy week, learning about Canberra landmarks and attractions. We have also enjoyed running a PE lesson for the foundation students. Coding and Maths games were very popular.


Inquiry Learning


The Grade Sixes have been reading and researching about career paths and future job opportunities as a part of our Economics Unit this term. Students are working on presentations on their dream job or entrepreneurial idea to the class.



Personal and Social Learning: Zones of Regulation


6B have continued our exploration of the Zones of Regulation. We used the Feelings Wheel to deepen our understanding of our emotions and triggers, as well as creating a mind map of calming strategies to support us when out of the Green Zone.



Numeracy highlights 


6A have been applying our understanding of fractions during games where we get to help each other and collaborate on strategies.



6B have been utilising the amazing resources provided by Margarita Breed on Place Value and Trusting the Count. Students subitised and used hands on materials to make, read, record and partition numbers.


Book Week 



During Science Week 6B took part in a Marble Run Challenge. Students worked in teams to create a marble run in 25 minutes that could run a marble down it for as long as possible. Congratulations to the winning team Bananas in Pyjamas who had the longest time of 22 seconds.


Science Week and Numeracy Highlights



We enjoyed combining with 6B and the Grade 5 students to compete in the “2022 Comedy Games”. Students took part in 4 individual events: Paper Plate Discus, Straw Javelin, Paper Ball Shotput and Hula Hoop Marathon. There was also a Team Ping Pong Ball and Spoon Relay.

As part of Science Week we are now working on ways to make a paper plate travel further distances.




We had had the experience of learning with Mrs Carroll. The students loved acting out and modelling their problem solving strategies for comparing fractions.

“We got to do hands-on learning and stand up and act out fractions.” - Jarrod

“I enjoyed learning with Mrs Carroll because she tried to understand how we learn and introduce more ways to learn about fractions.” - Setayesh





Zones of Regulation



Students have been learning about the Zones of Regulation. They are learning to identify their feelings and the coping skills that go with it. 6B created a chatterbox with the four zones and strategies to support them within each zone. 6B students have also been writing poetry. Every week we focus on a new type of poetry and have been inspired by haiku, acrostic and shape poems.





As part of NAIDOC week, 6B created a beautiful display using rock art and bush materials to spell this year’s theme Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up. Students took part in Dreamtime role plays and learnt about influential Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by playing “First Nations Who am I?”


Literacy and Numeracy Highlights


6B have been working on Prime, Composite and Square Numbers. We have been identifying numbers that have only two factors (itself and one) which are prime numbers and identifying numbers with more that two factors which are called composite. A square number is a number that is multiplied by itself. Students then worked towards solving the NRich problem Two Primes Make One Square.



National Reconciliation Week and Inquiry Learning


This week Grade 6A took time to develop an appreciation of Indigenous culture and the way in which we can recognise and acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We composed our own acknowledgements of the traditional custodians of this land.




Commemorating ANZAC Day


Last week in reading we read about the ANZACs.

Reginald Saudners was a Gun-ditj-mara man who was the first Aboriginal soldier to become a lieutenant in the Australian Army. He first joined the army when he was only 19. He was also awarded the Order of the British Empire award in 1971 for his leadership and courage in battle.

When he fought in World War 2, 11 months of this was spent hiding from German soldiers in the island of Crete. He used his bush survival skills to escape capture.

 Indigenous Veterans, like Reginald Saunders were treated equally when they were in the Army. But when they returned home to Australia, they didn’t have the same rights as non-Aboriginal ANZACs. Reginald Saunders was a leader in the Aboriginal community and fought for the rights of his people.

                        Naylie & Jaiden 6B


A Spotlight on Literacy and Numeracy


In Grade 6, we have had an exciting and creative week. During our visit to Rosehill Secondary College we participated in Science, VR and cooking classes. In the classroom we collaborated to write scripts for short infomercials about School Wide Positive Behaviour. We have finished our videos and are looking forward to sharing them with the other classes early next term.



When we got to Rosehill our first lesson was food tech. We were then split in two different groups to start. In food tech we made pizza! The teacher Ms Brook showed us how to make the pizza on a big TV. My partner was Jarrod, we made our pizzas together! After we finished we were given our pizzas in a paper bag to eat, it was really good. Next we went to the science labs to do two science experiments. First one we turned on a Bunsen burner and checked if things were base or acid. For the second one we made we made slime which was really quick and easy, but we have to wait one day until we open it. Gabe 6B

Firstly, when I got to Rosehill we did Food Tech. We had to pick our ingredients with a partner and learnt how to use a knife to chop the ingredients to make pizz. My partner was Sienna. We worked really well together and had lots of fun. After we had finished, we had to wash the tools that we used. Then we got to eat the pizzas. Next was Robotics where we got to the inside of the human organs and used a Virtual Reality headset and controller to move around. It was disgusting but cool!  Kaname 6B


When we arrived, we went to cooking class and cooked mini pizzas. We got split into groups and went to different classes and played with the Virtual Reality machine. It was great! In the VR we went inside the male and female body parts. I got quite dizzy and my eyes hurt after using it. With the pizzas we had to write ingredients then put it on the pizzas. We had to be careful with the knives in case we cut ourselves. We put it in the oven then ate it. It was extremely joyful for me and the rest of the grade 6’s. Arman 6B




Respectful Relationships: Emotional Literacy


In Grade 6B, we have been learning about emotional responses. Some emotions can have a negative response, while others feel more positive. Students worked together to create comics to display empathy for those who may be experiencing difficult emotions, such as anger, upset, loneliness, betrayal or rejection.


Routines for Success



6A are learning the meaning of mascots and what they represent. We had to create one that would represent our class and explain what it symbolised. Creating a class mascot is a unique learning experience. It got my imaginative juices flowing, and I found out that some of my friends are real artists.

Creating all about me backpacks was a way of showing people who you are. It was a fun way of learning a bit about each other.

Our grade also really liked writing postcards from our holiday destination, having the freedom to express ourselves in Writer’s Notebooks. We took charge of the classroom library to organise it, and make sure it contained books we want to read.



A few days ago we had a session about mindset. I learnt that a fixed mindset can alter your performance. A growth mindset can do the same, but it helps you succeed and not give up! - Koby 6B

This week we did an activity where we had to draw a mascot and write a motto. My motto was to ‘Make the impossible possible.’ My drawing was inspired by being positive and happy with my work. I had a lot of fun and I am happy to share my idea with the Avondale Community. - Naylie 6B