Digital technologies Acceptable Use Agreement

At Avondale Primary School we support the right of all members of the school community to access safe and inclusive learning environments, including digital and online spaces. This page outlines the School's role and responsibilities in supporting safe digital learning, as well as the expected behaviours we have of our students when using digital or online spaces.

At Avondale Primary School we:
  • have a Student Engagement Policy that outlines our School's values and expected student behaviour. This policy includes online behaviours;
  • have programs in place to educate our students to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies
  • educate our students about digital issues such as online privacy, intellectual property and copyright;
  • supervise and support students using digital technologies in the classroom;
  • use clear protocols and procedures to protect students working in online spaces. This includes reviewing the safety and appropriateness of online tools and communities through Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAS), removing offensive content at earliest opportunity, and other measures
  • provide a filtered internet service to block inappropriate content. We acknowledge, however, that full protection from inappropriate content cannot be guaranteed
  • use online sites and digital tools that support students' learning;
  • address issues or incidents that have the potential to impact on the wellbeing of our students;
  • refer suspected illegal online acts to the relevant law enforcement authorities for investigation;
  • support parents and carers to understand safe and responsible use of digital technlogies and the strategies that can be implemented at home.

    To access our online services/ digital technologies parent page for more information on the online serices that we use  click here.
    Each year, students and parents are asked to sign the following declaration that outlines the conduct expected of stuents when using digital technologies.

    When I use digital technologies I will communicate respectfully by:

    ·         always thinking and checking that what I write or post is polite and respectful

    ·         being kind to my friends and classmates and thinning about how the things I do or say online might make them feel.

    ·         not sending mean or bullying messages or forwarding them to other people

    ·         creating and presenting my own work, and if I copy something from online, letting my audience know by sharing the website link to acknowledge the creator

    When I use digital technologies I protect personal information by:

    ·         being aware that my full name, photo, birthday, address and phone number is personal information and is not to be shared online.

    This means I:

    ·         protect my friends’ information in the same way

    ·         protect my passwords and don’t share them with anyone except my parent

    ·         only ever join spaces with my parents or teacher’s guidance and permission

    ·         never answer questions online that ask for my personal information

    ·         know not to post three or more pieces of identifiable information about myself.

    When I use digital technologies I respect myself and others by thinking about what I share online.

    This means I:

    ·         stop to think about what I post or share online

    ·         use spaces or sites that are appropriate, and if I am not sure I ask a trusted adult for help

    ·         protect my friends’ full names, birthdays, school names, addresses and phone numbers because this is their personal information

    ·         speak to a trusted adult if I see something that makes me feel upset or if I need help

    ·         speak to a trusted adult if someone is unkind to me or if I know someone else is upset or scared

    ·         don’t deliberately search for something rude or violent

    ·         turn off or close the screen if I see something I don’t like and tell a trusted adult

    ·         am careful with the equipment I use.

    At school we/ I have:

    ·         discussed ways to be safe, responsible and ethical users of digital technologies

    ·         presented my ideas around the ways that I can be smart, safe, responsible and ethical user of digital technologies.

    I will use this knowledge at school and everywhere I use digital technologies.