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What's been happening in Visual Arts?

During on-line learning students had the opportunity to unwind, relax and learn new skills through Visual Arts to create a number of interesting and unique art pieces.

Students in 3/4s had a wonderful time creating an early settler house, while the 5/6s recreated a three dimensional Van Gogh inspired chair that looks amazing. Other works produced include warm and cool colour autumn leaves, an Abstract picture using colour specific elements and radical symmetry paper relief sculptures which involved paper folding to produce a circular design.

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic effort in producing some beautiful art work.



What's been happening in Performing Arts?

The 3 /4s have been enjoying dance this term. They have been warming up to the ‘Hamster Dance’ and ‘Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!’ which they all love doing. Students have been learning steps to a line dance and now are working collaboratively in groups to produce their own line dance. They will be performing to the class later this term.

Students from 3/4A working on ‘Boot Scootin Crazy’ line dance.


Grade 5/6

The 5/6s have been having great fun this term with dance. They have been warming up to ‘Go, You Chicken Fat, Go’ which has been getting everyone warmed up and ready to go. Students have worked in small groups to learn a sequence of steps and now they are choreographing a dance which will be incorporated into a dance mob style performance.  

Grade Prep

Grade 1/2


What's been happening in Italian?  


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