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What's been happening in Visual Arts?


Art News Grade 5/6


This term students in the senior grades have been learning about zentangles. The zentangle method is a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structure patterns. These structured patterns are called tangles. Tangles are created by using a combination of dots, lines, and simple curved and s curves. These patterns are usually drawn on small pieces of paper called ‘tiles’. They are called tiles because they are then assembled into mosaics.                          Ms Portelli

Here are some of the results by grade 5/6 - 



The Art of Isolation – Grade 2


From Einstein to J.R Tolkien, imagination is widely recognised as one of the most powerful tools of the mind. It allows us to dream of possibilities; it takes us places. Great things can happen upon the wings of imagination:

  • we can become inventors, creators, designers,
  • we can solve problems,
  • we can explore situations vicariously and learn about ourselves and others, and
  • we can escape to other realms.

It is for this last reason that Grade 2’s were given the art task of using their imaginations to draw their dream tree house. How better to escape the confines of our walls in lockdown?

The Grade 2 artists rose to the challenge and designed some incredible tree houses. They featured plane landing strips (Jed), laser-protected money trees (Thomas), swimming pools with flying foxes and basketball hoops overhead (Mason), vegie gardens (Jess), ball-pits (Lam), duck ponds (Tanishka) and enough ladders, spiral staircases, suspension bridges, hammocks and swings to make you dizzy.


Moving on from imaginative drawing, the Grade 2’s have been focused on honing their observational drawing skills. Drawing is like any skill: the more we practise, the better we get. The best way to practise is to look, look, look (preferably at real life objects). We need to train our eye to see the outlines and shapes of the objects we’re drawing, and train our drawing hand to create these lines and shapes that we’re seeing. It is about establishing a connection between seeing and drawing.

We have used our art meetings to do quick 2-minute observational drawings of objects, such as mugs and toilet rolls. Students have been encouraged to draw quickly, going over and ‘adjusting their lines’ (but not with a rubber!) until their drawing represents their object more accurately. We have had some fun with missing half drawings and have also been inspired by the drawings of Christoph Niemann, who incorporates everyday objects into his drawings. Some examples of these tasks are included below. (Missing Half Drawings: Aleen, Taylor, Abigail, James. Christoph Niemann drawings: Harris, Mila, Salina Affan).

Your imaginations are exciting and your drawing skills improving beautifully Grade 2. Keep nurturing these precious skills. 

Mrs Farrell





The Art of Isolation – Grade 1


Following on from the poem…  Creativity is not cancelled either. Creativity is vibrant and strong amongst the Grade 1 artists.

This term, the art program and classroom interdisciplinary program have been woven together to explore ‘What’s Under the Sea?’ It’s been a great way to harness the mind and imagination to escape the confines of our walls. Grade 1, your enthusiasm for this topic, and for your learning, is inspiring!


In art, we have:

  • created an underwater mixed-media collage, and in so doing, have learnt about the three layers of landscape: foreground, mid-ground and background. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a little food dye, salt and collage materials from around the house?
  • created sea creatures using leaves, and
  • explored printmaking (using the crayon transfer method) – this was a little frustrating given that many of us did not have access to the right materials. But the Grade 1’s persisted and dealt with this limitation brilliantly.

Here’s just a few of the beautiful artworks – I wish there was room for more!  Mrs Farrell


The Art of Isolation – Preps


The Prep artists have been busy creating stunning works of art. The products we have created are just a perk, however. The main benefit of art in our current circumstances lies in the process. The process of creating art is cathartic. We get to explore how we’re feeling; sometimes we get to explore alternative realities through the use of imagination. It’s transformative. Art also brings us together: we have had brothers, sisters, mums, dads and extended family members join the fun.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the highlights.

Preps have been exploring colour. They have learnt about the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and have experimented with mixing these colours together to make secondary colours. The prep artists have:

  • blown primary coloured food dye through straws to make secondary colours,
  • swirled primary coloured food dye into shaving cream in a marbling task, and
  • coloured absorbent paper with primary coloured texta and sprayed it with water until the colours combined.

These three works of art were then incorporated into a collage task. The prep artists have been learning about the variety of different materials we can use to create art. They have learnt that collage can have an organised layout or a more random layout. They have learnt that the materials we use can have a texture – a feeling. Most importantly, they have learnt to experiment and find their own style. There is no right or wrong.


Your art is so joyful preps. Keep up the colour, keep up the experimentation, keep creating!

Mrs Farrell


During on-line learning students had the opportunity to unwind, relax and learn new skills through Visual Arts to create a number of interesting and unique art pieces.

Students in 3/4s had a wonderful time creating an early settler house, while the 5/6s recreated a three dimensional Van Gogh inspired chair that looks amazing. Other works produced include warm and cool colour autumn leaves, an Abstract picture using colour specific elements and radical symmetry paper relief sculptures which involved paper folding to produce a circular design.

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic effort in producing some beautiful art work.



What's been happening in Performing Arts?

The 3 /4s have been enjoying dance this term. They have been warming up to the ‘Hamster Dance’ and ‘Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!’ which they all love doing. Students have been learning steps to a line dance and now are working collaboratively in groups to produce their own line dance. They will be performing to the class later this term.

Students from 3/4A working on ‘Boot Scootin Crazy’ line dance.


Grade 5/6

The 5/6s have been having great fun this term with dance. They have been warming up to ‘Go, You Chicken Fat, Go’ which has been getting everyone warmed up and ready to go. Students have worked in small groups to learn a sequence of steps and now they are choreographing a dance which will be incorporated into a dance mob style performance.  

Grade Prep

Grade 1/2


What's been happening in Italian?  


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