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What's been happening in Performing Arts in term 2?

Grade Prep

The Preps are exploring DANCE in Performing Arts at the moment. We have been learning how to create our own dances. The pictures show the children from Prep C creating a dance based on the movement and life-cycle of the butterfly:

  1. The little caterpillars crawl across a leaf. They arch and straighten out, arch and straighten out. They stop to nibble. They grow larger.
  2. The caterpillars grow a cocoon around themselves and out comes… a beautiful butterfly.

  3. The baby butterflies are just learning to use their wing muscles so they slowly flutter before they take full flight


Grade 1 and 2

Grade 1’s and 2’s are exploring DANCE in Performing Arts at the moment. We have been learning how to choreograph dances ourselves. First we learnt how to choreograph a dance to tell the story of the sea turtle (this represents a cross-curricular link to the children’s integrated topic: sea creatures). Then we learnt how to choreograph a dance to match the tempo and mood of the music. The pictures below show children from 1/2A choreographing a dance to the chorus of “Celebration” (Kool and the Gang).

What's been happening in Italian this term?

In term 1, the 5/6s learnt instruction words in Italian. How we made our origami frogs was quite interesting. We started by following the instructions and even though it was tricky, all of us finished the frogs. Then we coloured and named our frogs and wrote out the process in Italian.
By Bovey 5/6B

What's been happening in Performing Arts this term?


The Preps are learning about characters. We know:

  • what characters are,
  • where they are found (TV, movies, books…), and
  • how to use movement and voice to portray different types of characters.

Through move-and-freeze games and guessing games like charades, the Preps are learning how to

portray different characters using movement and voice.

Children Prep B warming up with a game of 'mirrors.

Grade 1/2 

The Grade 1’s and 2’s have been learning about improvisation in Drama.

Ask your child about ‘10 second objects’ or ‘what’s your story?” - 2 warm up games that both utilise

the skill of improvisation. When they improvise, children need to accept the dramatic ideas of

others without question. This is wonderful for 
team-work, but is also exciting because no one knows

which direction the drama will take.

Cathrine, Lachie, Alyssia and Saketh (2B) worked brilliantly together to create an improvisation

based on the following scenario:

You go swimming at the beach and see something sparkling and twinkling in the sand.


Grade 3/4 

The 3 /4s have been enjoying drama this term. They have been warming up to some engaging

games like ‘Poison Ivy’, ‘Popcorn’ and drama freezes. They are working collaboratively on a scripted

play and will perform to the class later this term.

Students from 4/5A working on ‘The Stone on the Road’ play.

Hawaiian freeze frame by 3/4D



Grade 5/6

The 5/6s have been having a ball in drama this term. They have been warming up to some very

creative and funny activities like ‘Subtitle’, ‘Transportation of Delight’ just to mention a few. They

have worked in small groups to write, produce and direct a persuasive commercial to their peers.

  Jaymee and Claire from 5/6A in ‘Subtitle’   

 ‘Cool Water’ commercial 5/6D