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What's been happening in Visual Arts?


Visual Arts


During the latter part of this term the grade 3s and 4s have enjoyed learning about and creating Cezanne inspired Still life drawings. We looked at specialised vocabulary used by artists to describe different shading techniques to show shadows such as, hatching, cross hatching and contour hatching. It was so exciting to hear students discuss what techniques they were going to use and how they achieved it. 



During Visual Arts we discussed how we are all different and have different strengths. When critiquing peer art pieces, students are encouraged to give a positive comment and a comment on how that artist could improve. This is supported by justifying their reasons and suggesting helpful hints or techniques for that artist to improve.


Students in grade 3 put themselves in the shoes of a visually impaired person by relying on verbal cues to draw pictures. Students soon realised that their understanding of language and directions played a large part in accurately drawing a picture.


What's been happening in Italian?  

During the Italian lesson students listened to a story about ANZAC day and reflected upon the significance of this day on Australian Culture.


In Italian this term students focused on identifying shapes in Italian as well as numbers 20-100.  Students created their own chatterbox which allowed for them to practice and memorise shape vocabulary with a partner.  Students also explored counting strategies to enable them to count to 100 in Italian. 



In Italian this week students focused on the inclusion of diverse cultures and languages. Students were encouraged to say hello and welcome in their languages and share their cultural backgrounds with classmates through class activities. This allowed for them to make connections between language learning and their own languages, promoting an understanding, appreciation and importance surrounding language learning.


Grade 1&2 students shared their cultural backgrounds and languages. Foundation students created a friendship ‘amicizia’ chain to celebrate differences. Bravissimi!


Grade 3 students are working towards a collaborative colouring of Italy to be completed at the end of the week. This involves students using their knowledge of Italian colours to communicate and create the masterpiece. Bravissimi!




In Italian, the grade 2 students have been exploring different emotions and practicing asking their peers how they are ‘Come Stai?’ to gain insight on how they are feeling. Students explored this concept through a dice game where they would act out emotions and through a vocabulary game where they would have to draw how the teacher is feeling based on expression and the Italian phrase used.


Students in grades 1&2 celebrated cultural differences by celebrating the Venetian festival of ‘Carnevale’ in which people dress up in fancy costumes and masks to celebrate the day. In the spirit of Carnevale students designed their own masks and participated in a class parade.


What's been happening in Physical Education?

During our PE lesson, students had the opportunity to share how they spent Anzac Day and what they do differently on Anzac Day compared to a ‘normal’ day. In specific to sport, we discussed the type of sporting events that occur on Anzac Day. For example, Essendon vs Collingwood. Students who attended the ANZAC Day match had the opportunity to share what occurred on that day. We specifically explored what happens during the Anzac Day match in contrast to what would occur during the regular AFL season.


Students have been working hard to demonstrate their key understanding of specific terminology used in PE and the range of focus words used across different sports.

Students have learnt key words within the sport cricket, gaining the ability to explain the words verbally whilst also demonstrating it through actions. For example, bowling in cricket. Students have worked on gaining the ability to explain what bowling in cricket is and how it may be different to bowling in Ten Pin Bowling whilst also physically demonstrating what a successful cricket bowl looks like during multiple activities. Grade 3 students brainstormed what comes to their mind when hearing specific terminology within the sport of Cricket, noting down key words as well as drawing pictures to express their understanding. Their work has been laminated and put on display, utilized as a Word Wall for PE which will continuously be developed and worked on throughout the year within different sports and focus areas. This will enable students to have a visual to reflect on during their own time.



During Physical Education we explored all the different skill levels and level of background knowledge that each individual could have for different sports. However, we highlighted how as a team we are equal and can use each other's different strengths to work off each other. We also had various discussions of how bullying may occur during PE and Sport through specific scenarios, highlighting ways we can ensure bullying does not occur whilst emphasising the importance of sportsmanship and team-work during Physical Education Classes. Students also shared their orange clothing whilst reflecting on why we were encouraged to wear orange for the Day.



During Physical Education, we had discussions about the different types of feelings we may experience during the lesson. Students shared and demonstrated how they may feel when they win, when they fall over, when they make a mistake, when another team beats them, after running laps etc. Students were informed that I always focus on students having fun and learning whilst developing their skills and if a team or individual wins an activity, that it is a reward for their efforts but is not my overall focus. Students learnt the phrase “sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”, encouraging students not to give up if they weren’t successful at first but instead to learn from it ensuring they continue to practice to reach success. It was evident that a wide range of emotions could be felt during a PE lesson.

Here is an example image of the students ‘reaction to what their feelings may look like after ‘winning a team game’



Students in Grades 3 & 4 have been learning from ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’. During our throwing and catching unit, students have practised throwing with their opposite side. This encouraged students to further improve their throwing skills on both sides of their body, while also putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. They got to understand what it may feel like for someone who predominantly uses their left side of body compared to those who use their right or vice versa.


What's been happening in Performing Arts?


This week we considered harmony as it applies to music, and compared it with the definition of harmony with respect to Harmony Day. We found some similarities in the definition - both kinds of harmony involve bringing differences together, and result in a pleasing effect! Finally, we practised playing harmonies on our keyboards.