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What's been happening in Visual Arts?


Visual Arts


Visual Arts In Visual Arts this week, the Grade 2s finished their Tint Bot art project. Students carefully cut around their robot and assembled it to their background, some grades used colour tints while others made a paper collage background. We added some foam behind the robot so it looked like it was popping out. They look amazing!



In Visual Arts the grade 2s continued with their Tint Bots and they are looking amazing. We started painting our robots using white paint and a touch of black to make grey. Using a thin paint brush students painted around the outline of their robot before using a thicker paint brush if needed to paint the inside. Painting in one direction was encouraged for a flawless looking robot. We look forward to showing our robots in a fortnight.




This week students in Grade 2 worked on their robot paintings. Some grades painted their background using white paint with their favourite colour. The learning intention was to paint each quarter of their page in a different tint. Adding a touch of colour with white paint, mixed well was the process needed to produce a background with four different tints. Other grades spent time this week using a thin brush, black paint, patience and a steady hand to outline their robots. They are looking amazing. Can’t wait till they are finished!



Visual Arts This week some Foundation grades were busy creating artworks using circles. We first discussed what bugs were and listed as many bugs as we could. Next, we experimented with ways of creating bugs with circles. Students used different sized circles, semi-circles and thin rectangles (for the legs and antennae) to create their artworks. We had so much fun!





Over the past week students in Foundation B and C created pictures with shapes. After drawing some of the main 2D shapes on the board, we discussed the names of each shape and how we can tell the difference between them. Here are a few examples of the pictures created using different sized squares, rectangles, triangles and circles.




Foundation students have been looking at school community workers. We discussed the people at our school who help us, such as teachers, Mrs Benham, Mr Scarfo, Diane in the canteen, Sharon in the library, school crossing people, Peter our maintenance man and so on. Students were asked to choose a school community worker to base their artworks on, using coloured paper to make the body and equipment that the community worker uses. 


In Visual Arts, we spoke about essential services in our community and how they help us in the community. This discussion led to creating a mixed media fire scene with a fire engine and firefighter. We started with painting the background and then used different materials including coloured paper, felt paper, straw and wool to complete our scene. We hope you like them. 



This term in Visual Arts, Foundation, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students get to use the art room. I must say, there have been many excited faces. We have started by establishing how to be respectful to each other by following some simple rules. We discussed that we need to listen when someone is talking; this could be an adult or classmate. We also discussed looking after the art room by cleaning up, putting things away and using equipment properly. 


In the past two weeks students have continued working on their recycled art project. Grade 3 students have been working on creating organisers, money boxes and planter pots using plastic bottles. Grade 4 students have worked on making coasters using newspapers and magazines. The Grade 5s have been working on creating an art piece using plastic bags to make a skipping rope or socks for door stoppers or egg cartons to create an art piece. Finally, the grade 6 students have created art pieces using CDs such as the donut series coasters that you can see in this week's newsletter.



This week in Visual Arts students have continued working on their recycled piece of art using all the materials that have been donated to the school. This has been a fantastic project as it links to the inquiry unit for the term- Sustainability. Students started this project by drawing a plan before starting the process of cutting, making and most importantly problem solving.



During the latter part of this term the grade 3s and 4s have enjoyed learning about and creating Cezanne inspired Still life drawings. We looked at specialised vocabulary used by artists to describe different shading techniques to show shadows such as, hatching, cross hatching and contour hatching. It was so exciting to hear students discuss what techniques they were going to use and how they achieved it. 



During Visual Arts we discussed how we are all different and have different strengths. When critiquing peer art pieces, students are encouraged to give a positive comment and a comment on how that artist could improve. This is supported by justifying their reasons and suggesting helpful hints or techniques for that artist to improve.


Students in grade 3 put themselves in the shoes of a visually impaired person by relying on verbal cues to draw pictures. Students soon realised that their understanding of language and directions played a large part in accurately drawing a picture.


What's been happening in Performing Arts?


Performing Arts This week in Performing Arts, students in Grade 5 continued working on their plays. We started off with a character role play warm up which was entertaining and very creative. Next, students continued to work on their plays adding vocal expression and some movements to their character. The class got to see snippets of the different plays which helped our actors to make adjustments and our audience to gain ideas for their play.



This week in Performing Arts, students in grade 3 started a unit in drama. We started off playing a game called Mirrors. In pairs, players face each other, one person leads and the other follows. The aim of the game is for the leader to make their movements slow and for the follower to let their bodies do all the following without thinking about it. Eventually, partners need to be in sync with one another. The grade 3s really enjoyed this and were eager to share their moves with the class.



Performing Arts In Performing Arts students across Grades 3 to 6 continued learning to play the guitar. Students located and played the A sound using the fourth string and second fret. Next students were shown how to read notes G and A above middle C on a music staff and some even played songs with both G and A. It has been wonderful seeing students so keen to play and learn an instrument.



This week in Performing Arts, students in grades 3 through to 6 started learning how to play the guitar. Students were shown the correct way to sit on a chair and how to hold a guitar. We went on to learn some of the important parts of a guitar such as the tuning pegs and fretboard. Then it was time to learn the names of the six open strings and played a song using open string G.




Performing Arts This week in Performing Arts, students in grade 6 worked on a fractured fairy tale. Using scripts, students were able to change characters and add dialogue to a well known fairy tale. Students also worked on memorising their lines using facial and vocal expression while speaking.



This week in Performing Arts, each grade voted on the subject area they enjoyed the most this term. Some grades decided to revise their dancing and collaboration skills. We started with a warm up dance routine called ‘The Evolution of Dance’ for Grade 4 and ‘Dance Monkey’ for Grade 3 followed by revising ‘The Macarena’ and ‘Cha cha Slide’ dances. Grade 4 students worked in mixed groups to choreograph their own line dance and performed them to the class. Here are some photos of the wonderful time they had.




Students in grades 3 to 6 have been taking part in music.  Grade 3 students have thoroughly enjoyed singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and Grade 4s ‘We Are Family’. Grade 5 students have been singing ‘See you later Alligator and Grade 6s ‘We Will Rock You’.  Students in all levels have also started learning the keyboard using the two and three black keys to play short songs.  


This term the Grade 4s have been focusing on drama. Students first worked on retelling a fairy tale story through freeze frames and then an Indigenous dreamtime story using frames and thought tracking (describing how your character is feeling and thinking in that freeze frame moment).  It was so wonderful to see students working collaboratively and cooperatively in small groups. Here are some of our moments.  



Performing Arts this week, students in Grade 3 and 4 discussed what it means to be respectful. We listed different examples of being respectful to others and that it is important to set an example for the younger children at Avondale Primary. Students worked in pairs to create freeze frames showing actions of respect and empathy. Here are just a few examples.



This week we considered harmony as it applies to music, and compared it with the definition of harmony with respect to Harmony Day. We found some similarities in the definition - both kinds of harmony involve bringing differences together, and result in a pleasing effect! Finally, we practised playing harmonies on our keyboards.


What's been happening in Italian?  

Students in Grade 4 have been exploring Italian culture and landmarks. Over the past few weeks we have explored The Leaning Tower of Pisa, with students creating dioramas to set the scene and display some interesting facts that they have learnt.



In term 3, Foundation students focused on learning Italian colours. Students learnt the colours for each of the zones of regulation in Italian and were able to identify the colour for each zone in Italian.


In LOTE – Italian, students reflected upon how we maintain respectful relationships through a review of the Italian room rules and expectations.




During the Italian lesson students listened to a story about ANZAC day and reflected upon the significance of this day on Australian Culture.


In Italian this term students focused on identifying shapes in Italian as well as numbers 20-100.  Students created their own chatterbox which allowed for them to practice and memorise shape vocabulary with a partner.  Students also explored counting strategies to enable them to count to 100 in Italian. 



In Italian this week students focused on the inclusion of diverse cultures and languages. Students were encouraged to say hello and welcome in their languages and share their cultural backgrounds with classmates through class activities. This allowed for them to make connections between language learning and their own languages, promoting an understanding, appreciation and importance surrounding language learning.


Grade 1&2 students shared their cultural backgrounds and languages. Foundation students created a friendship ‘amicizia’ chain to celebrate differences. Bravissimi!


Grade 3 students are working towards a collaborative colouring of Italy to be completed at the end of the week. This involves students using their knowledge of Italian colours to communicate and create the masterpiece. Bravissimi!




In Italian, the grade 2 students have been exploring different emotions and practicing asking their peers how they are ‘Come Stai?’ to gain insight on how they are feeling. Students explored this concept through a dice game where they would act out emotions and through a vocabulary game where they would have to draw how the teacher is feeling based on expression and the Italian phrase used.


Students in grades 1&2 celebrated cultural differences by celebrating the Venetian festival of ‘Carnevale’ in which people dress up in fancy costumes and masks to celebrate the day. In the spirit of Carnevale students designed their own masks and participated in a class parade.


What's been happening in Physical Education?


We were successful in gaining a sports grant in Term 4, which provided the senior school with the opportunity to participate in a Taekwondo session run by a coach from Hall’s Taekwondo. Students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and had plenty of fun trying new skills. A large amount of the grant was also utilised to purchase new resources and updated equipment including a new table tennis table, soccer balls and a range of useful equipment for active play and modified sports for all students to utilise. Attached below are images from our Taekwondo sessions.



Jump Rope For Heart!

On November the 2nd all students participated in 30 minutes of skipping rotations with their cohort. Students had the opportunity to show off their skills in front of other students from different classrooms as well as their classroom teachers. We are very proud to announce that we raised a total of $4, 205. All funds will help support heart research and programs transforming Australian lives.



A big thank you to the following students who donated towards the Heart Foundation: Alysha T, William T, Anika VK, Lillie S, Cameron B, Samuel DP, Zahra-Grace Y, Hayley C, Aiden B, James N, Lucas N, Johnny G, Summer G, Charlie T, Kaia H, Hayley A, Dexter W, Affan F, Maximus P, Marcus DH, Emily A, Dominic C, Libona T, Senay T, Mikaret T, Michael S, Finnegan R, Clarrie W, Jimmy W, Mimi D, Mina H.



Congratulations to both Nhali in Grade 5 and Joel in Grade 4 who represented Avondale Primary at the Western Metropolitan Regional Athletics Finals last week. It is a huge achievement making it to this level. Congratulations to both students on their performance on the day, Nhali finishing 3rd in Discus and Joel finishing 4th in Shot Put. 



House Sports Day


In the last week of Term 3, Grade 3-6 students had the opportunity to participate in the school Athletics Day. All students showed great sportsmanship, worked hard throughout the day and supported each other through their events. We are very proud.



Sports Day


Avondale Sports Day was a huge success. Students rotated across a variety of different sport activities throughout the day. Students had the opportunity to work with a range of teachers as well as participate in new activities taught by specific club representatives. Teachers and parents participated in ‘the longest kick’ competition, and selected Grade 6 students also participated in a marking contest at the end of the day prior to our whole school assembly. A big thank you to everyone involved.




Congratulations to Jarrod F, Lexi K, Ryan W, Nhali E, Tessa S and Joel M who represented Avondale Primary at the Divisional Athletics. The whole Avondale community is very proud of you all. Huge achievement!


District Basketball

Congratulations to all the 5 & 6 students who were selected to represent Avondale Primary School at our District Basketball Round Robin. We are very proud of the positive behaviours that all our students displayed, being respectful to each other and everyone else involved whilst working hard during each basketball match. 

Congratulations to the girls team who placed 3rd overall and the boys team who placed 2nd overall, a huge credit to their hard work and determination. 



This Term we applied for a grant that resulted in our school being successful in having a Gymnastics coach to come and run lessons for two full days at our school. We were also able to use some of the grant to purchase a variety of sports equipment that the students are already using and loving.



SEDA Cricket

Last week SEDA Cricket attended our school and ran lessons with some of our PE classes. Those classes had the opportunity to participate in a range of cricket activities and learn off a variety of fresh faces.




In Physical Education, students had the opportunity to share their knowledge on how they have seen NAIDOC included within a sporting environment. Students who participate in sport outside of school reflected personally on how their clubs have promoted NAIDOC whilst suggesting examples of ways it could be included within a sporting community or how they could involve themselves in building on their own knowledge.


Literacy and Numeracy Connections

English is incorporated within PE through the use of discussions. Students are asked questions to evaluate their understanding. We utilise maths during competitive activities, where students aim to achieve a higher score than the opposition. Students then work out the difference between scores, calculating how much they win or lose by compared to another. Foundation level participated in a cone running game. Students were split into teams and one at a time in their teams were to run and collect a cone. The aim was to be the quickest team to collect the most cones. At the end, students worked together to add up their own cones. Students then communicated who won and why.


School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPBS)

School wide positive behaviours and expectations are constantly being reinforced with students during PE. In particular, we have discussions about the correct way to use equipment and highlight where we collect equipment and return it after breaks. Classes had the opportunity to look inside the sports shed and were reminded of the location to return equipment as students are not allowed inside the sports shed unless a teacher is present inside.



During our PE lesson, students had the opportunity to share how they spent Anzac Day and what they do differently on Anzac Day compared to a ‘normal’ day. In specific to sport, we discussed the type of sporting events that occur on Anzac Day. For example, Essendon vs Collingwood. Students who attended the ANZAC Day match had the opportunity to share what occurred on that day. We specifically explored what happens during the Anzac Day match in contrast to what would occur during the regular AFL season.


Students have been working hard to demonstrate their key understanding of specific terminology used in PE and the range of focus words used across different sports.

Students have learnt key words within the sport cricket, gaining the ability to explain the words verbally whilst also demonstrating it through actions. For example, bowling in cricket. Students have worked on gaining the ability to explain what bowling in cricket is and how it may be different to bowling in Ten Pin Bowling whilst also physically demonstrating what a successful cricket bowl looks like during multiple activities. Grade 3 students brainstormed what comes to their mind when hearing specific terminology within the sport of Cricket, noting down key words as well as drawing pictures to express their understanding. Their work has been laminated and put on display, utilized as a Word Wall for PE which will continuously be developed and worked on throughout the year within different sports and focus areas. This will enable students to have a visual to reflect on during their own time.



During Physical Education we explored all the different skill levels and level of background knowledge that each individual could have for different sports. However, we highlighted how as a team we are equal and can use each other's different strengths to work off each other. We also had various discussions of how bullying may occur during PE and Sport through specific scenarios, highlighting ways we can ensure bullying does not occur whilst emphasising the importance of sportsmanship and team-work during Physical Education Classes. Students also shared their orange clothing whilst reflecting on why we were encouraged to wear orange for the Day.



During Physical Education, we had discussions about the different types of feelings we may experience during the lesson. Students shared and demonstrated how they may feel when they win, when they fall over, when they make a mistake, when another team beats them, after running laps etc. Students were informed that I always focus on students having fun and learning whilst developing their skills and if a team or individual wins an activity, that it is a reward for their efforts but is not my overall focus. Students learnt the phrase “sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”, encouraging students not to give up if they weren’t successful at first but instead to learn from it ensuring they continue to practice to reach success. It was evident that a wide range of emotions could be felt during a PE lesson.

Here is an example image of the students ‘reaction to what their feelings may look like after ‘winning a team game’



Students in Grades 3 & 4 have been learning from ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’. During our throwing and catching unit, students have practised throwing with their opposite side. This encouraged students to further improve their throwing skills on both sides of their body, while also putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. They got to understand what it may feel like for someone who predominantly uses their left side of body compared to those who use their right or vice versa.


Gala Sports Day 

At the end of Term 2, Grade 5 & 6 students participated in their Winter Sports Gala Days. Sports included AFL, Netball and Tee Ball. Students worked hard across all sports and represented our school proudly. Everyone at Avondale is proud of their efforts and commitments across the two gala days.



District Cross Country 

A big congratulations to our Grade 4 students, Henry and Shaylee, for a great effort representing themselves and Avondale Primary School at the District Cross Country event last week with pride. They displayed excitement, persistence and professionalism. Shaylee came 27th in her age group and Henry came 6th in his age group. Henry is now off to the Regionals. Well done Shaylee and Henry. We are so very proud of your great individual efforts. CONGRATULATIONS from us all at Avondale Primary School.



Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the District Cross Country and for those students who have made it to the next stage – Shaylee and Henry.

Read the feedback provided by our students on their participation at Cross Country.



Ava 6A - “It was tiring but fun to see other schools and fellow friends from school”.

Henry 4C - “Cross Country is a fun sports event that anyone can do and is fun to run and to try and get in the top 15”.

Jack W 5A - “Cross Country was a fun event and we all tried our very best”.

Mina 5A - “I love Cross Country because I can verse other students. We can even become friends with them. Thanks Miss Devine!”

Olivia B 4C - “I loved Cross Country because I got to run around and be with my friends.”

Shaylee 4C - “I loved Cross Country because everyone cheered me on and I felt amazing when I ran”.


District Athletics

July 28th saw a number of students selected to partake in the district athletics event. All students worked hard throughout the day and the whole of Avondale Primary School is super proud of them. All students represented the school highly demonstrating positive behaviours.

Overall, our school placed 4th which is a huge effort by everyone involved. A special congratulations to the place getters as well as the following students who qualified for Divisional Athletics being held on the 6th of September :

Tessa S Nhali E Jarrod F Ryan W Joel M Lexi K

Best of luck to you all.

What's been happening in Performing Arts?