Fundraising events 2019

Anyone interested in becoming part of the 2019 fundraising committee or assisting at these events are asked to contact the school office for more details.


 Upcoming fundraising events 2019

Father's Day Stall: Thursay 29th August
Sports Day raffle & lunch: Friday 13th September

Jump Rope for Heart special lunch order

Many students thoroughly enjoyed their special hamburger lunch with popcorn and a mandarin.Thak you to Di, Dani, Haroula, Irene, Claire and Janelle for their heroic effort in ensuring the lunches arrived on time. We raised $886 which will go towards the purchase of equipment that students can play with during recess times. Thanks to Mr Scarfo and Peter for their outstanding bbq skills.


$20,000 of local fundraising money used to install new playground equipment.

I wish to thank parents who have supported recent fundraising activities. The money raised has been used to improve the school’s facilities for students.

Our school council approved the installation of a new suite of playground equipment that has been a hit with all of our junior students.



Election Day BBQ

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our parent volunteers who gave up their time yesterday to run the Election Day bbq.

The event was a great success and fundraiser for the school. :relaxed:

Mother's Day Stall:
Amount raised:$1376.07

Easter Hamper Raffle
Amount raised: $2690.00

Term 4 2018 fundraising events

Student Disco
Christmas raffle
Election Day BBQ

Term 3 2018 fundraising events


Sports Day raffle & lunch orders:

Amount raised $3,231.16

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations to our Sports Day raffle.

RASV, Rice Fields restaurant, Nelson Alexander, AMF Bowling, Coles, Sovereign Hill, Essendon Football Club, Matthew Sawtell, Melissa Hu & Dani Parisi.


Cookie Dough Drive:

Amount raised $1338.50


Father's Day Stall:

Amount raised $962.70


Term 2 2018 fundraising events

Bunnings BBQ: Sunday 3rd June

Amount raised: $1479.00

A big thank you to the following parents for assisting with this event.


Donations made by: Kylie Duggan, Thuy Downie, Duc Dang, Irene Williams, Vivienne Darrington, Silvana Gorgiovski, Toni Raynes, Grace Huynh, James Atieh, Mei Chen, Candice Gallone, Anne Gibbs, Judith Syarif, Mai Tran, Yannia Marques, Anne Gibbs, Anh Hoang, Vivienne Mozina, Lisa Hunia, Phung Khong & Wafaa Tadros



Sausage sizzle helpers: Dani Parisi, Nicole Mina, Karena Wockicki, Mathew Sawtell, Willem Span, Liaden Phan, Ben Kearon, Elizabeth Zapata, Mona Lisa Bhargarva, Karl Kerton, Lance Ferguson, Adam Duggan, Joe Kersh, Haroula & Angelo Koucoulis, Drita Fazlija, Andrew Barker, Sarah Bowler, Vy Huynh, Yeeman Lui, Kevin Lac, Annerley Beeck, Marwa Al Kadhmi, Philliip Huynh & Minh Nghiem


Fun Run: (postponed to Friday 25th May)

Amount raised: $6,251.09


Mother's Day Stall: Thursday 10th May

Amount raised: $630.78



Term 1 2018 fundraising events:


- Crazy Hair Day: Thursday 22nd February

$440 raised to go towards student vegetable garden


- Sausage Sizzle: Wednesday 14th March

Money raised to go to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Families wishing to make a donation to the Good Friday Appeal can click on the following link.


Donate to the Good Friday Appeal