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What's been happening in Grade 5 and Grade 6

in Term 1 2022?


In Week 1 and 2 of Term 4, Grade 5/6 students have been investigating poetic devices and considering ways that authors use figurative language to enhance a text. This has included teaching and learning activities where students have experimented with creating texts that include idioms, similes and metaphors.



Art News Grade 5/6


This term students in the senior grades have been learning about zentangles. The zentangle method is a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structure patterns. These structured patterns are called tangles. Tangles are created by using a combination of dots, lines, and simple curved and s curves. These patterns are usually drawn on small pieces of paper called ‘tiles’. They are called tiles because they are then assembled into mosaics.                          Ms Portelli


Here are some of the results by grade 5/6 - 


What's been happening in 5/6B?


While online learning, we have been developing our ICT skills and interacting with different programs. As a class, we experiment and practise our new skills regularly and have found a way to utilise it in a way that helps us stay connected during online learning.

We share and contribute more creative aspects of our personalities by participating in Friday Fun activities which we vote on as a class. Lately, we have incorporated a whiteboard program to play Pictionary and Mr Squiggle. In Friday Fun everyone can participate, laugh, joke and express themselves creatively in our safe and supportive online classroom.

We use this time to check-in with each other, reward our hard work and stay connected for both our mental health and to maintain our classroom family. 

Here are some of our MR Squiggles we produced using our new whiteboard program.





Grade 5/6 Visual Arts during Online Learning

During on-line learning students had the opportunity to unwind, relax and learn new skills through Visual Arts to create a number of interesting and unique art pieces.


Students in 5/6 recreated a three dimensional Van Gogh inspired chair that looks amazing.

Other works produced include warm and cool colour autumn leaves, an Abstract picture using colour specific elements and radical symmetry paper relief sculptures which involved paper folding to produce a circular design.


Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic effort in producing some beautiful art work.




Earth & Space Science by 5/6C

Grade 5/6C have been investigating the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon. We used a scale to create a solar system model that showed the order and distance of planets from the Sun.


This model helped us to demonstrate how the Moon orbits the Earth and in turn, the Earth orbits the Sun.

Avondale Open Champions by 5/6B

During February and March, the grade 5/6s signed up and played in the Avondale Open Bat Tennis Tournament.

We had two singles competitions which were for boys and girls and also two doubles competitions for boys and girls.

The competitors played a set and the first person or team to win six games won the match and moved into the next the round.

Eventually there were the finalists for each competition.

In the boys singles final, Matthew defeated Kevin to win the title.

In the girls singles Final, Kary managed to beat Eloise to become champion.

The doubles championships were very exciting with Kevin and Taimur beating Matthew and Arden to claim the title, and Kary and Sophia victorious over Leah and Mia.

Well done to our two tournament directors, School Vice Captains Kary and Matthew for keeping things on track.

Also a big thank you to Peter Gagliardi for making the fantastic trophies.

Good luck in the next Avondale Open!

Grade 5/6D

            At the beginning of this year students have been involved in an assortment of  “getting to know you” games and activities; scavenger hunts, name game, one truth/one lie, compliments.

            Once a week we conduct “Community Circle”, a way to practice “social skills”. The Community Circle provides a place where students can discuss: cares/concerns compliments and share their gratitude. 

            We start each session by revising the rules:  Mutual Respect, No Put Downs, Participation and the Right to Pass, Attentive Listening, Personal Best. Then we begin with a "Check In" activity, for example, “How would your friend describe you?”

Using a “talking tool” this is passed around the community circle so that everyone may have the opportunity to contribute. Then students will engage in activities around either getting to know each other or restorative practices.

            This community circle is a safe environment for students to discuss any issues they may be struggling to solve on their own and as a class we come up with ways and ideas to help.  It is also a useful way to celebrate the positive behaviours happening in the classroom.

            In the photo, you can see students have made a web of compliments. Each student paid a compliment to one class member and then passed the wool to that person.  This continued until everyone had been given a compliment.  Then the compliments reversed, students gave a compliment back, until all the wool has been wound back into place. Maybe you would like to ask your child about the Community Circle?






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