Grade 5 Teaching and Learning News 2022


What's been happening in Grade 5 in 2022?





The students of 5A and 5B have been busy writing their speeches for responsibilities next year. All students have been enjoying the writing process and are looking forward to hopefully obtaining a leadership role in 2023.



Canberra Camp Week 


On Monday 21st November, the Grade 5/6 campers set off to Canberra by bus for four nights. At the camp students participated in a variety of learning experiences, including Government House and Parliament House, Australian War Memorial, National Museum of Australia, National Gallery of Australia, Electoral Education Centre, Museum of Australian Democracy, Royal Australian Mint, National Capital Exhibition, Questacon by night, ANZAC Parade Walking Trail and Australian Institute of Sport.



5/6 Canberra Camp Poem

After hours of driving to Canberra, we found a new home.

Now it’s time to do no more chores on my own.

We visited many places, like the War Memorial.

We even learnt more about how much we needed whale oil.

We did many fun activities, like bowling and Questacon.

But we still have to cooperate on many things later on.

Only a few hours left, until we are back to our lovely state.

Hopefully our parents aren’t mad if we arrive pretty late.

Written and performed at Avondale’s Got Talent (Canberra 5/6 Camp) by Miguel, Axel, Jaiden and Zadok.




Grade 5/6 students onsite: It has been a busy week, learning about Canberra landmarks and attractions. We have also enjoyed running a PE lesson for the foundation students. Coding and Maths games were very popular.



Student Voice and Agency


The Grade 5s have been very busy over the two weeks. We had fashions on the field to celebrate the Melbourne Cup, where we made outfits using newspapers. We also took a visit to Essendon Keilor College and enjoyed some great activities that they organised for us, such as Sport, Science and STEM. We then got to visit the kinder and students read a picture story book to the kinder children.




Inquiry Learning


During Inquiry 5A and 5B have been focusing on business and economics. The students have started researching career paths, inventions and small business ventures. They will then be given the choice to present their research as a PowerPoint, interview format or a digital poster.



Community Connections

Kindergarten visit
This week Grade 5B visited the Avondale Heights Early Learning Centre where they buddied with a kinder student and read them a picture book. The students were given a tour of their classroom and outdoor area and spent time getting to know one another through a range of learning activities.



Personal and Social Learning: Zones of Regulation, SWPB & Respectful Relationships


In 5A this term we have been looking at the Zones of Regulation. We looked at the traffic light system to determine how we think/ feel in each section and things we can do to regulate our emotions. We developed posters for SWPBS on Being Responsible, Respectful and a learner.



This week grade 5B continued to focus on identifying emotions, respectful relationships and positive behaviours. We explored our SWPBS Matrix and our school values, revisited our classroom agreement and explored the different Zones of Regulation and coping strategies.



Numeracy highlights  


In Numeracy 5A have been learning about chance and how to identify and describe possible outcomes and recognise variation in results.



Over the last few weeks Grade 5B have been investigating money and finance. We have explored simple budgets, invoices and receipts. In pairs the students created a restaurant menu and ran their own stall using Australian currency.



Book Week


During Book Week, 5A celebrated by listening to a Short Listed Book, where they had to pick a character and infer their character traits and their contributions. They also visited the grade preps where they read a picture story book and asked them questions related to it. 



During Book Week, 5B students celebrated by reading for enjoyment, writing a book review on their favourite book and dressed up as their favourite author or character. The Grade 5’s also paid a visit to the Grade 1’s and in small groups read them a story.



Science Week and Numeracy Highlights


Grade 5

For Science week, the grade 5’s researched the importance of keeping our environment clean, in particular Avondale Primary school ground. The school participated in a yard clean up and displayed the rubbish on a large piece of paper and calculated the area of litter within our school ground.


In Maths, we have been focusing on fractions. We have been learning how to add and subtract common fractions, convert improper fractions and mixed numbers and also simplifying fractions. We have been representing fractions on number lines, as well as drawings and using a range of materials such as, magnetic fraction pies, fraction bars, counters and blocks to represent our answers.


Inquiry Learning


5A and 5B

The Grade 5 students have been learning about the different levels of Government and their responsibilities. We then made a pyramid and correctly placed the responsibilities under the Local, State/Territory and Federal Government.






Grade 5A students have been celebrating NAIDOC week by learning about the history and culture. We watched short documentaries about different aspects of NAIDOC WEEK and students created a media post about four ways NAIDOC week is celebrated across the country.


Grade 5B students have been celebrating NAIDOC week by learning about the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We have read a selection of books, such as ‘Welcome to Country and Prayers for the Twenty- First Century’. We have watched a range of short documentaries on the history of the Aboriginal culture, The Story of Smoking Ceremonies and Welcome to Country. To finish off the week the students created a poster that will be displayed in our classroom and in LC4 filled with all their new and prior knowledge of NAIDOC week.



Literacy and Numeracy Highlights


In 5A, we have been learning about different data displays and data interpretations. As an assessment piece, students had to generate a categorical or numerical type question, conduct a class survey and create an effective graph with and without the use of digital technology. Here is an example of one.



Over the past two weeks, Grade 5B have been researching a European or North American country of their choice. The students chose five areas they wanted to research and then presented their information on a brochure for our travel expo. They had a lot of fun using their creativity and finding out new facts.



Inquiry Learning


During our Sustainability Inquiry Unit this week, Grade 5A has been closing at BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) website where they had to examine the lowest and highest temperature of places in Australia. With that, they created a line graph to show the difference between the highest and lowest temperature and create statements about the data.


During our Inquiry Unit this week, Grade 5B has been looking at Sustainability within the Moonee Valley region, in particular the Maribyrnong River and how it has changed over the years. As a class we watched a short documentary on the history of the river, researched the importance the river plays in Melbourne’s cultural, agricultural and industrial developments, the water quality and habitats. The children then drew a before and after picture of the Maribyrnong River which included the major changes and effects to our waterways and landscape.



School Wide Positive Behaviours (SWPBS) 


In 5A, we discussed what school-wide positive behaviour looks like and what it doesn’t look like around our school community. In groups of 2-3, students were given areas around the school and created posters to showcase what students should or shouldn’t do around our school community. These will be placed around the school to promote school-wide positive behaviour.


Over this term Grade 5B have been exploring what school-wide positive behaviour looks like. In small groups we went round to different areas of the school and role played what it looks like to be a respectful, responsible and positive member of our school community.


Commemorating ANZAC Day


With a focus on ANZAC Day this week, Grade 5A took part in a range of meaningful activities to commemorate those who fought for us. We watched and took notes on a short documentary of the history of ANZAC Day and incorporated it into a summer. Below are some activities the students took part in.  



With a focus on ANZAC Day this week, Grade 5B took part in a range of meaningful activities to commemorate the soldiers who served and died in war. We watched a short documentary on the history of ANZAC Day and summarised it, made poppies and the Australia flag.


Students reading at assembly:

Nahlia- “We researched and summarised the history of ANZAC Day and shared personal stories.



A Spotlight on Literacy and Numeracy


Grade 5A have been learning about area and perimeter. As part of our inquiry unit, Care for the Kids, the students created an area and perimeter town for people who suffer from social justice problems. They used their understanding of regular and irregular polygons to calculate the area and perimeter of places such as hospitals, schools, parks and libraries.


In numeracy, Grade 5B have been learning about two dimensional shapes. We have been exploring different types of regular and irregular polygons and their properties, such as types of lines, angles, vertices and sides. Students have also really enjoyed challenging one another to find the perimeter and area of 2D shapes. Below are some photos of our anchor chart and student learning.



National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence


Harmony Day


5A enjoyed celebrating Harmony Day on Monday and learning about National Day against Bullying and Violence last Thursday. The grade 5’s created acts of kindness paper chains to represent how they have been kind at school and at home. We also discussed as a class why we celebrate Harmony Day and ways to engage in it. We created a class Harmony Day tree which represented our cultural identity coming together as equals (one).


This week Grade 5B explored the meaning of Harmony Day. We celebrated the importance of cultural diversity, shared personal stories, made a banner to display around the school and dressed in orange.


Respectful Relationships: Emotional Literacy


In Grade 5A, we have been learning about emotional responses, how we would identify the emotion through body language and situations in which displays positive, negative and mixed emotions. Here are a few examples of students' work where they had to identify positive and negative emotions and situations in which they showcased these.


Inquiry Learning: Care for the Kids


Grade 5A: During our Social Justice unit, Grade 5A have been inquisitive learners having class discussions and asking questions about the Rights of a Child. This has included tasks around the basic needs, world problems, solutions and a range of charitable organisations that help children around the world.


Grade 5B: During our Social Justice inquiry unit, Grade 5B have been exploring and researching the concept of the ‘Rights of a Child’. This has included the basic needs, world problems, solutions and a range of charitable organisations that help children around the world.



Routines for Success


In 5A, one of the learning tasks during the first two weeks of school was to understand the structure and expectations of the reading workshop. In small groups, the students had to think of what the role of the students and the teacher is during this time. It was fantastic to see students working together and building on each other's ideas.



During Reading this week 5B have been setting ourselves up for success so we can become the best readers possible. We have been learning to select Just Right books and identify what makes a good reader. Students in 5B established a classroom library that they organised into genres.








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