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What's been happening in Grade 3 and Grade 4 in 2022?

In week 1, Grade 3/4 students enjoyed coming up with lists of excuses for getting out of work and creating a class PowerPoint of their published writing. Enjoy reading the following examples from students in 3/4B, 3/4D and 3/4F.

During Flexible and Remote Learning, the 3/4 students have been learning about the Olympic Games as part of our inquiry unit: The Olympic Games and Australian Symbols.


The Ancient History of the Olympic Games: Greta G 3/4E
The first Olympic Games were held in Ancient Greece at Mount Olympus in 770BCE. 

You were only allowed to play the Olympics if you were not a lady or a slave. Only people who could speak Greek could participate.

Over time the Olympics were banned but not until Baron Pierre De Couberting created the new Olympics, including these activities: gymnastics, discus, long jump, tennis, swimming, archery and the Winter and Summer Olympics. Thanks to Pierre, women and men can play in the Olympics and it doesn't matter what your background or nationality, everybody could play.

This event happens every 4 years.






The grade 3/4 students are finishing their first Curriculum Rotations. The Rotation Groups are STEM with Ms McGrath, Coding with Ms Chaouk, Music with Ms Gerace and You Can Do It with Ms Handley. STEM is an integrated approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Coding is creating computer programming code and it usually involves the Mathematics required to program robots and computer programs. You can Do it focuses on the social and emotional development of the students as individuals. Each Rotation has 4 lessons then the students move to another group. Through the Rotations the students are able to focus on a specific area of the curriculum, teachers are teaching to their strengths and the students are exposed to and are adjusting to a new teacher.  

What's been happening in

3/4B ?

Year 3/ 4 B have had a productive term. We have been busy collecting birthday data and displaying the results in bar graphs.

We have been using MAB blocks to build 3 and 4 digit numbers to identify place value.

Growing lettuce from seeds.

Celebrating with a berry smoothie to end our unit on, ‘Building a Better Me.’


What's been happening in

3/4C ?

2D and 3D Shape Investigation


On Friday 29th of March 3/4C had a session on shapes. We learnt how to create 3D shapes with rope. We made a prism, which comes from the Latin word ‘saw’. Though we had some difficulties we managed to create the 2D/3D shapes explained. – Seth R


Then we investigated the nets of shapes. We used a cereal box, which is a rectangular prism. Some students had to measure the net of the cereal box. After trial and error we were successful and achieved the goal. It was not that tricky but some people had not finished it, whereas some people nailed it straight away. That day we learnt something new and important. - Ava V

What's been happening in

3/4D ?

By the creative students of 3/4D

What's been happening in 3/4A ?

On the 20th of February, 3/4 A had a Healthy Food Incursion. We learnt all about healthy eating and how to make a mint and yogurt dip with cucumber and carrot. It was a fun learning experience and 3/4A had an amazing time. 

From Mikayla and Charlotte 

We have also been learning about Place Value in 3/4A. The students looked up the population of a specific country and had to expand the number and write the number in words. 


Sink or Float? by 3/4D?




Grade 3/4 D have become little scientist by conducting an experimenting to test their knowledge about materials which sink or float when immersed in water.



Their predictions and results were amazing.


















‘I enjoyed observing which models would float or sink’ – Ava



‘I liked how it was a fun activity and everyone had a go’ – Molly



‘I enjoyed trying something new in class’ – Alex. W


‘I liked how Alex L’s boat floated due to the barriers’ - Munji









During Music Lessons, 3/4 A have been learning to play cords, how to strum and have begun to play simple songs on the Ukulele. Through these lessons, the students have learnt about beat, rhythm, and tempo. Students have also experimented playing with the cajon, djembe, bongo drum, tambourine, maracas and keyboard.


Gunwoo – I like playing to the rhythm on the ukulele and the drums. The music lessons are exciting because I am learning to play new instruments.


Yugo – I have learnt to play the A minor and F cords on the ukulele. I enjoyed playing along to the song ‘Rip Tide’. I look forward to our weekly music lessons.



Alex – I have enjoyed playing the ukulele and the djembe in our music lessons. It is fun when the class performs a song together, I think we sound good.


Jenna – I like playing the ukulele in our music lessons. It was fun when we followed along to the ‘Funky Fish’ song using the A minor and F cords. I also enjoy playing the bongo drums. I like music because it makes me feel happy.


Aleeza – I enjoyed when we used the different instruments to play along to a song. I think our class worked well together and it sounded really nice. I have learnt how to play cords on the ukulele and how to follow the strum patterns.



Hiyab – In music I have enjoyed playing the different instruments like the ukulele, tambourine, maracas, djembe and bongo drums. I have learnt about beat and rhythm and how to play different cords. I like music because it helps me to relax.


Sofia – I liked when we played the percussion instruments along to the reggae beat. It was fun playing the djembe and bongo drums.


Justin – I can now play the A minor and F cords on the ukulele. Last week it was fun playing on the keyboards and drums.







Grade 3/4D are Robotic Engineers!

This week, Grade 3/4D were asked to design, make, measure and market a toy robot using 3D objects. 


Ava – “I like having fun activities and learning about 3D objects.”


Irma – “I like making 3D objects and making our robots.”


Munji – “I explored features of a 3D object by making a robot.”


Raymond – “I enjoyed making the robots because you can be creative.”


Andy – “I cannot wait to make our packaging for our robot toys.”




Alex. W – “I felt accomplished after making my robot.”


Ramy “I learnt how to make 3D objects by using their nets.”


Rima – “We then wrote persuasive, persuading parents to buy our toy.”


Molly – “I enjoyed learning through STEM and I want to do this often. “








What's Happening in Grade 3/4C ?


We enjoy doing Theme Work because it is fun, exciting and amazing. We like this because we get to learn different things such as making a compass and trying hard to tie sailor’s knots. We also learnt how to read timelines. We looked at the past on a timeline which had interesting facts about Australian History. We made our own compasses by using a magnet to magnetise a sewing needle. Making a compass was very interesting because we learnt about magnetic fields.



In our literacy block we use the listening post, do research and all kinds of fun activities. We learned how to work together in a group. I like how we get to listen to funny stories on the listening post. We enjoyed researching about ships. We learned that 8 bells means 8pm.



Auslan by 3/4A


 3/4A have been learning Auslan basics including handshapes, finger spelling, numbers to 10 and some greetings. They have also been practising to sign ‘Home Among the Gumtrees’.


Mikaela – I have been learning the alphabet in Auslan. This is me signing the letter ‘M’. I can fingerspell many of my friends names. I have enjoyed learning to sign songs.



Jorja - I am enjoying learning how to communicate with others in Auslan. I can fingerspell my own and other people’s names. It was fun signing ‘Home Among a Gumtrees’.




Xavier - I have enjoyed learning Auslan at school. I have been learning to read other people signing their names. I like communicating with other people using sign language and I want to learn to sign more songs, colours and short stories.



Noah – This is me signing and mouthing ‘Thank  you’. I can also sign my name and numbers 0-10. I am enjoying learning about Auslan in class.






This year as part of broadening the curriculum grade 3/4 students are taking part in one hour weekly rotational activities called Friday Fun Activity Time.


These activities include; Science, Fitness, Health, Cooking and Multicultural Dance. All the students are divided into 5 groups.


The learning objective behind Friday Fun Time, is not only to engage students in other areas of the curriculum, however also to build lifelong interpersonal skills. Students are motivated, confident and excited about all the learning experiences which have been created. Friday Fun Time challenges the students and stimulates them to become independent lifelong learners.


Grade 3/4 have started the year in numeracy looking at place value, length and scale, chance and probability, using the Michael Ymer approach.


In literacy we have been focusing on making connections, visualising and asking questions as we read to improve our reading comprehension, as well as continuing to use the 7 Steps to Success writing program and investigate spelling patterns and sounds.







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