Welcome to Grade 1 and Grade 2...


What's been happening in Grade 1 and Grade 2 in

Term 1, 2022?


Grade One students brought along a favourite toy to one of our mathematics live sessions. They created a scarf for their teddy or toy and measured the length of their scarf using informal units. Students used three different informal units to measure the length of their scarf.



In Week 1 of Term 4, the Grade 2 Students practised their visualising skills, to help understand what the story looks like and to help understand what is happening. The Grade 2’s focused on a short passage in the story ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl and created a drawing of the image that was created in their mind, of the setting in the story.         




Tessa from Grade 2 has shared some of her insights into returning to school next week.

What a postive mindset Tessa demonstrates in this writing sample, The Future.


This term Grade 1B have been very busy learning about sea creatures as part of their integrated unit.

Here are some images of the sea creatures they have created.

Did you know:

That Jelly fish have no brain, heart bones or eyes.

The Jelly fish has a mouth found in the centre of its body.

A Pufferfish can blow up into a ball several times its regular size.

Pufferfish are poisonous.

The sea otter usually carries a favourite rock in their paws that they use to smash open shells.

Otters sleep floating on the water’s surface.




What’s happening in the classroom ?

Grade 2 Exploring Our Local Community

Last Wednesday the grade two teams set off to find out where places and activities are located in our local community. We met and saw people such as a tree service worker, a postman on his motorcycle, café owner and a demolition worker with his big machinery along the way. These experiences helped us to understand how people in Avondale Heights are connected at providing the goods and services that its people need.


1C Releases their Monarch Butterflies:

We have had an exciting few weeks in 1C. As part of our Minibeast theme we were lucky enough to look after caterpillars in our classroom. Students have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and have been observing our class caterpillars change into a pupa inside a chrysalis and then emerge as beautiful Monarch butterflies. 1C released the butterflies into the garden on Friday.

Skip Counting in 2A:

In our grade mathematics session this week, Grade 2A wrote their own skip counting pattern. They were challenged to create models of their numbers.

All About Capacity by 1B


This week our grade 1 students have been learning about capacity. We have been investigating how many marbles our playdough boats can hold. We compared the capacity of our boat with our friend’s boat. We also explored capacity in the sand pit. We used cups of sand to find out the capacity of different sized containers. We all had lots of fun learning about capacity this week!

1A’s Marvellous Mini-beast Experience

During our one hour ‘Mini-Beast Incursion’ each group rotated through the Bugtopia Tent, where they handled a selection of minibeasts, including stick insects and butterflies. In the other stations, students caught aquatic minibeasts, viewed bugs close up with microscopes and designed their own version of bugs and their features. Students even made colourful warning-coloured bracelets – just like the warning colours of our new class pets – caterpillars!!!

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