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What's been happening in Grade 1 in 2022?






Students in Grade 1 have been exploring mass. We used vocabulary such as heavier, lighter, equal and balanced to describe the mass of different objects. Students also used their hands to heft the mass of objects and explored how balance scales work. We then created our own balance scales and placed objects on either side to demonstrate what was heavier or lighter than another object.



Student Voice & Agency


In Grade 1 students have been using their creative thinking skills to make choices in their designs. This week students were asked to create any object. They were given a variety of craft materials and began to create. They were given the opportunity to share their designs and talk about what materials they used. Students in Grade 1 have also been able to choose where they would like to sit during independent reading time to promote engagement.




Grade One Stay Late Afternoon


On Thursday the 20th of October the Grade Ones participated in an event called ‘Grade One Afternoon Stay Late’. The students joined in on many fun activities like painting, creating animal masks, pass the parcel, playing board games and a disco.

Ishi 1A- I enjoyed the disco and the craft. I loved dancing and I loved painting the duck sculpture.

Kostas 1A- I liked the board game activities because Arthur and I got to play different games together.

Alysha 1B- I liked the disco because it was fun and we got glow sticks.

Vincent 1B- I liked everything about our grade 1 stay late, I liked eating the lemonade icy pole.

Leila 1C: Stay late was good. I liked the games and painting the animals. The disco was really fun.

Will 1C:I really liked Stay Late. I liked it so much that I want to have another one. I liked every activity. I liked the headband game. I liked pass the parcel because everyone got a prize.





Personal and Social Learning: Respectful RelationshipsIn Grade One, we have been learning to use positive coping strategies to support us with different emotions, such as anger and fear. The Grade One students shared different types of positive coping strategies such as balloon breathing, listening to music, talking to a friend and hugging a teddy. We then created posters for our class display to remind us if we are feeling angry, sad or worried, we can use one of these strategies that is on display.



Numeracy highlights 


Over the last few weeks, Grade 1 students have been investigating how to represent numbers, part, part, whole relationship and relating this to addition. We learnt a new game called, ‘Part, Part Triangle’. The Grade 1s were also given the task to choose a two digit number and show it in 4 different ways. We used tens and ones blocks to show how we could make two digit numbers, write the matching numeral and addition fact (expanded form). For example, 42 is 4 tens and 2 ones. It can be recorded as 40+2=42.



Book Week


Grade 1 students loved celebrating Book Week! They participated in so many fun book week activities, such as buddy reading, listening to shortlisted books, writing character descriptions, book parade and craft activities. 

“I liked the book week parade because I loved everyone's costumes”- Sebastian 1A 

“I liked when the Grade 5s came to us and they read three different books to us” - Fatima 1A
“I loved the book week parade and high fiving everyone. I liked reading the shortlisted books.- Aaron C

“I really liked when we went to the parade and I got to high-five everyone” - Phoebe W, 1B

“I liked when we dressed up. I was Iron Man!” - Leo D, 1B

“I loved the parade and seeing everyone dressed up” - Poppy B, 1B

“I really liked how the Grade Fours read to us.”  Chloe T

“My favourite book was Winston and the Indoor Cat.”  Olivia P

“ I really liked how the book, ‘What Do You Call Your Grandma’ had a Yiayia in it.” Cameron B



Science Week and Numeracy Highlights

This week students engaged in learning experiences in Maths, focusing on the part-part-whole relationship of numbers. We read One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab and counted feet in groups and then as a whole. We also used dominoes to recognise the groups as two parts (two halves of the domino) as well as quickly counting the total. We found different ways to make a target number, for example, making 8 as 5 and 3 and 6 and 2.



Inquiry Learning 


The Grade 1s are exploring their inquiry topic ‘Places and Spaces’ through different experiences. Last Thursday, students participated in a community walk around Avondale Heights. It was great to see students asking questions and sharing knowledge about the places we saw. We saw places like Coles, The Cheesecake Shop, Avondale Body Works and the doctors. We then created our class display of our community. On Tuesday we had a local community member Mrs Shell visit our school. The students got to explore different sounds on a piano, sang songs and danced. We are looking forward to having more community members visit from the local dance school and Avondale Football Club.





The Grade 1 students participated in NAIDOC week. Students described the significance of NAIDOC Week, learnt about the history and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, listened to stories and created a flag to represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.






Literacy and Numeracy Highlights


In 1A we have been using our ‘maths talk’. Maths talk means to explain your thinking or the strategy used to solve maths problems. On Wednesday, 1A subitised how many dots they see and discussed how they knew this. We shared how we worked this out by explaining part part whole “I see 4 and 2 that makes 6”. 1A had the opportunity to work in small groups to practise using their maths talk and shared their different ways of thinking.



In 1B, we have been practising the skill of visualising in reading. This week, we read the story ‘Feathers for Phoebe’. We discussed key vocabulary words and drew pictures of what we saw in our heads.



In 1C, we have been enjoying reading activities. We listen to audio stories, read books on the iPad as well as reading ‘Just Right’ texts. We are all making great progress with our reading skills. We can make personal connections to the stories we read.



Inquiry Learning


Grade 1 students have been learning about the three Rs - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. This week we made pots out of sustainable materials. We decorated our pots and next week we will be planting seeds and growing bean plants.

School Wide Positive Behaviours (SWPBS) 


This term, Grade 1’s have been learning about how to be a learner, how to be responsible and how to be respectful in our playground and around the school. We created posters with statements that show our understanding of expected behaviour.



Commemorating ANZAC Day


In Grade 1, we spoke about Anzac day and what it means. We then read a story called Anzac Ted. It was about a Teddy that went to war with the soldiers. Anzac Ted helped the soldiers feel safe. He was courageous and brave just like the soldiers. After we read the story, Grade 1’s drew Anzac Ted and wrote about him.


A spotlight on Literacy and Numeracy



In 1A, students have been learning about addition. Students have learnt to recognise and record part- part- whole number sentences, such as 7 + 2 = 9 and  1 + 8 = 9.  1A have learnt a new addition game called Part-Part-Grab where students choose a larger number from a deck of cards and then students need to make as many different combinations to add up to that larger number.



In Grade 1B, we have been doing some great writing. We have been using some different picture prompts and thinking of what we would be experiencing using our 5 senses if we were in the picture.



Grade 1C have been doing some amazing writing! We use picture prompts to generate a discussion about what we see, developing our descriptive language skills. We create a word splash in our Writer’s Notebook and then create sentences about the picture. We write about what we think is happening, or we might write about the connections we can make to the topic. Our writing is improving every day and we are excited to show our creativity!



National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence


Harmony Day


1A enjoyed celebrating Harmony Day on Monday and learning about National Day against Bullying and Violence last Friday. The Grade 1s created acts of kindness paper chains to represent how they have been kind at school and at home. On Monday students learnt about what Harmony Day is and why we wear orange. 1A also learnt about the diversity in our classroom and that everyone belongs. Students proudly shared what they knew about their culture.



1B have enjoyed learning about Harmony Day and National Day against Bullying and Violence as it ties into our Inquiry unit of ‘Celebrating Differences’. We made a class kindness chain to show when we had been kind to our family and friends. We also celebrated Harmony Day by dressing up in orange.



This week we celebrated Harmony Day and talked about all the delicious foods we eat with our families! Grade 1C looked at different countries on Google Earth and talked about the cultures we identify with. We looked at the top 5 cultures that are represented in the Avondale community.



Respectful Relationships: Emotional Literacy

In Grade 1A, we are learning about different emotions we experience. We played Emotion Statues, this included the class showing emotions through body language and facial expressions. Then we were given a task to identify our friend’s emotions by looking at pictures and labelling them; for example happy, grumpy, excited and bored.



In Grade 1B, we are looking at different emotions and why we feel them. We also looked at different situations where we might experience emotions. We did a drawing on a time when we felt a certain emotion and why.




Inquiry Learning: Celebrating Differences


Grade 1A: Students were given the opportunity to consider similarities and differences. Students choose a partner and shared what they know about their differences and how they might be the same as their partner.



Grade 1B: This week, we have been looking at the different things we will be learning about this Term. We made a front cover for our folder and went through the different activities on our rubric.



Routines for Success


In 1A, we have been settling into class routines and getting to know our classmates. We have shared our interests in many different ways, including turning and talking with a partner, participating in craft activities, writing and sharing ‘The best part of me is’.



In 1B, we have been settling into Grade 1 and getting used to our new classroom and building. We have been working on our independent reading, partner reading and playing some fun math games!




In Grade 1C, we have been celebrating what makes us special. We have set ourselves a learning goal and have been busy establishing our daily routines. We are loving our new classroom facilities.





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