Grade 1 Teaching and Learning News


What's been happening in Grade 1 in 2022?




Commemorating ANZAC Day


In Grade 1, we spoke about Anzac day and what it means. We then read a story called Anzac Ted. It was about a Teddy that went to war with the soldiers. Anzac Ted helped the soldiers feel safe. He was courageous and brave just like the soldiers. After we read the story, Grade 1’s drew Anzac Ted and wrote about him.


A spotlight on Literacy and Numeracy



In 1A, students have been learning about addition. Students have learnt to recognise and record part- part- whole number sentences, such as 7 + 2 = 9 and  1 + 8 = 9.  1A have learnt a new addition game called Part-Part-Grab where students choose a larger number from a deck of cards and then students need to make as many different combinations to add up to that larger number.



In Grade 1B, we have been doing some great writing. We have been using some different picture prompts and thinking of what we would be experiencing using our 5 senses if we were in the picture.



Grade 1C have been doing some amazing writing! We use picture prompts to generate a discussion about what we see, developing our descriptive language skills. We create a word splash in our Writer’s Notebook and then create sentences about the picture. We write about what we think is happening, or we might write about the connections we can make to the topic. Our writing is improving every day and we are excited to show our creativity!



National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence


Harmony Day


1A enjoyed celebrating Harmony Day on Monday and learning about National Day against Bullying and Violence last Friday. The Grade 1s created acts of kindness paper chains to represent how they have been kind at school and at home. On Monday students learnt about what Harmony Day is and why we wear orange. 1A also learnt about the diversity in our classroom and that everyone belongs. Students proudly shared what they knew about their culture.



1B have enjoyed learning about Harmony Day and National Day against Bullying and Violence as it ties into our Inquiry unit of ‘Celebrating Differences’. We made a class kindness chain to show when we had been kind to our family and friends. We also celebrated Harmony Day by dressing up in orange.



This week we celebrated Harmony Day and talked about all the delicious foods we eat with our families! Grade 1C looked at different countries on Google Earth and talked about the cultures we identify with. We looked at the top 5 cultures that are represented in the Avondale community.



Respectful Relationships: Emotional Literacy

In Grade 1A, we are learning about different emotions we experience. We played Emotion Statues, this included the class showing emotions through body language and facial expressions. Then we were given a task to identify our friend’s emotions by looking at pictures and labelling them; for example happy, grumpy, excited and bored.



In Grade 1B, we are looking at different emotions and why we feel them. We also looked at different situations where we might experience emotions. We did a drawing on a time when we felt a certain emotion and why.




Inquiry Learning: Celebrating Differences


Grade 1A: Students were given the opportunity to consider similarities and differences. Students choose a partner and shared what they know about their differences and how they might be the same as their partner.



Grade 1B: This week, we have been looking at the different things we will be learning about this Term. We made a front cover for our folder and went through the different activities on our rubric.



Routines for Success


In 1A, we have been settling into class routines and getting to know our classmates. We have shared our interests in many different ways, including turning and talking with a partner, participating in craft activities, writing and sharing ‘The best part of me is’.



In 1B, we have been settling into Grade 1 and getting used to our new classroom and building. We have been working on our independent reading, partner reading and playing some fun math games!




In Grade 1C, we have been celebrating what makes us special. We have set ourselves a learning goal and have been busy establishing our daily routines. We are loving our new classroom facilities.





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