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What's been happening in Foundation in 2022?





The Foundation students have been learning about NAIDOC week and how to celebrate Aboriginal, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements. We have been reading a selection of Dreamtime stories, including ‘Why Koala Has a Stumpy Tail, Too Many Cheeky Dogs and How the Turtle Got Its Shell.’ The students created bookmarks to be used for our home readers and decorated indigenous patterns in traditional colours.



Literacy and Numeracy Highlights


In Foundation, students have been learning about solving subtraction stories using the strategies of taking away and crossing out. We made our own subtraction story and matched it with a number sentence in our candy jar’ craft activity. Students got to pick how many lollies fell out of their jar and found out how many lollies were remaining. Foundation students loved this activity!



National Reconciliation Week and Inquiry Learning


Foundation students learnt about Reconciliation Week and why we celebrate it annually. Each class had discussions about who the traditional owners of the land we live on are and why we need to value and respect their histories and cultures.



School Wide Positive Behaviours (SWPBS) 


At the beginning of the term each Foundation class reviewed the School’s Matrix of Expectations, and through this, we created a list of our classroom expectations. Students all participated in creating a class book to provide students with opportunities to revisit the values and expectations throughout the year.


Commemorating ANZAC DAY


As part of our learning to commemorate ANZAC day, Foundation students read the story ‘Anzac Ted’ and discussed what it means to be a hero. We talked about how poppies are used as a symbol and how Anzac biscuits are eaten to celebrate the day. The Foundation classes created their own poppies by tearing red paper and pasting onto a template.

Student readings at assembly

FA Amelia- “You can make Anzac biscuits to help celebrate Anzac day. Soldiers ate Anzac biscuits.”

FB Tyra- “The soldiers are heroes!”.

FC Marcus- “We made a red poppy as a symbol for Anzac day”


A Spotlight on Literacy and Numeracy


Foundation students have loved learning about the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. Students have been meeting a new character each week to assist us in learning these sounds. They have made excellent progress with their letter sound knowledge and are very proud of it. Below are some of the activities we have completed to help consolidate this knowledge.



National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence


Harmony Day


The Foundation students enjoyed celebrating both National Day against Bullying and Violence and Harmony Day. For National Day against Bullying and Violence we visited our buddy grade and made a kindness paper chain together. For Harmony Day we spoke about celebrating each other's differences and that we all belong. Students worked in pairs to make a collaborative poster with the Foundation cohort. This is displayed in our Learning Community.






Respectful Relationships: Emotional Literacy


In Foundation A, we have been learning about emotions and what they look like through body language. We spoke about what emotions we know about and made an anchor chart to display in our classroom. We also watched a sesame street video called ‘Name that Emotion’ and students loved guessing how the characters were feeling. In the photos below, we also had a go at making faces and guessing each other’s emotions. 





In Foundation B, we have been learning about emotions and what they look like through facial expressions and body language. We illustrated different emotions and shared how we were feeling with our classmates through using facial expressions and body language.



In Foundation C we have been learning about emotions. We have started a daily check in where students can display what they are feeling that day. We also looked at ways to show how we are feeling, including body language and facial expressions.





Inquiry Learning: Fairness and Friendship


Foundation A: Students were asked what it means to be a good friend, and these were recorded. As a class we made a friendship chain including the words students described including ‘helpful’, ‘listening’, ‘being kind’ and ‘caring’.



Foundation C: Students were asked what it means to be a good friend and we made a class friendship chain with our ideas. We also discussed acts of fairness and sorted scenarios into ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’.



Routines for Success


In Foundation A, we have been learning about our classroom routines and are becoming independent at these. We have been getting to know our peers and have been practising how to be a good friend to others.



Foundation B have been learning about classroom routines and expectations. We are getting to know each other and the students are enthusiastic about their learning tasks.



In Foundation C, we have been settling into classroom routines and learning about expectations. We have been getting to know each other. The students are enthusiastic about making new friends and all of the things they will learn this year!


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