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Our Foundation students have been learning about how to retell a story. Students were given the task to retell ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ by putting on a puppet show. Students acted out the events that happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story, and included the main characters and settings.






Prep D's Maths Party:

On Fridays the Prep students have a Maths Party in the class!  We get to work in small groups to play games that help us to develop our counting skills and revise concepts taught throughout the past week or two. Today Prep D rotated through activities such as:
  • playing Snakes and Ladders and using careful counting skills to move around the board 
  • playing Race to Trace where we got to trace over the numerals to 10
  • playing Get Out Of My House to recognise the dot arrays on the dice and be the first to get rid of your seven counters
  • and using the laptops to play maths games on Sunshine Online.
We all have lots of fun working with our friends to develop our number skills.

Maths Party in Prep C:

Today Prep C had their first ‘Maths Party Rotation’. This is where students engage in four stations for 10-15 minutes, manipulating concrete materials. Today’s rotation included ordering cards from 1-10, making patterns with unifix blocks, engaging in counting activities on the computers and practicing writing numbers 0-10. Prep C really enjoyed their first ‘Maths Party Rotation’ which was evident by hearing their healthy conversations related to the tasks. 

Fiddly Finger Fun by Prep B:

On Wednesdays, the prep students participate in a weekly rotation called Fiddly Finger Fun. Prep students explore different fine motor activities through the use of a range of tactile materials. Skills such as cutting, threading, squeezing and griping are enhanced through this program. 

Prep A Meet their New Buddies:

Last week our preps met their buddies in 3/4. The preps were very excited to meet them and have enjoyed sharing lunch eating times getting to know them better.
The preps know that they can count on their buddy for assistance out in the yard and for a friendly face.

 Past activities in Prep:


Shapes and Objects by Prep B:




Prep B have been learning how 2 dimension faces make a 3 dimensions object. 



This week in Prep A:



As part of our Safety topic, preps designed and built there own car using a cardboard box.


Our buddies in grade 3/4 helped to recreate a traffic school using safety signs.


We drove around safely and enjoyed a fun afternoon.










What's Happening in Prep D?


This week we are celebrating NAIDOC week. We have been listening to indigenous music and have been colouring in indigenous art work. 


''I like the words in the aboriginal songs.'' (Vivian)


''I like learning aboriginal songs because it's a different language'' (Lola)





We are also learning new reading strategies.


''I like to point to the words when I read.'' (Jed)


''I like to read new books each week.''  (Alex)





Our Colour Parade by Prep A:


On Friday the 1st of June the Preps celebrated their theme topic 'Colour' with a colour parade. Students dressed up in their favourite colours and demonstrated their knowledge of primary and secondary colours.




Prep A prepared for the parade by making colour crowns and rainbow pom poms. Prep A wore their crowns proudly as they danced around in the parade.







We celebrated by singing 'I can sing a rainbow' and played a game of colour

 freeze. In the coming weeks Prep A will experiment with mixing colours to make new colours in a variety of ways.







'Number 9' by Prep B:


This week in Prep, students learnt about the number 9. Our learning goal is: I can make number 9 in different ways.





''We made a monster using 2 different colours to show the number 9'' (Tessa)




''I made my number 9 by using 7 yellow legs and 2 red legs'' (Thomas)




  ''I made my number 9 by using 6 yellow         legs and 3 pink legs'' (Tiffany)






''I had fun sticking on the feet and counting to 9'' (Adam)




''I liked drawing the monster and sticking 9 legs on'' (Poppy) 



'Let's Build a Toy' by Prep C:


During this numeracy lesson students were asked to build a toy using unifix snap cubes. If we decided to create this toy again, we would need to make sure we had the same amount of cubes and that we had the same colours. Our task was to draw our ‘toys’ in our maths books and note down the amount of each colour.







Fiddly Finger Fun:


 All prep students have engaged in Fiddly Finger Fun activities to further develop student’s fine motor coordination.  Activities have included threading, braiding, lacing, finger fitness and precision grip and release.





Term 1 in Prep: 


The start of this new school year has been an important time for our preps to settle into their new learning environment.


In term 1, prep students are establishing classroom and school routines and developing an understanding of classroom expectations by learning how to listen and contribute respectfully. The prep teachers encourage and foster independence from early on in the year.


This term Prep students have been participating in a number of literacy, numeracy and integrated based activities.

In literacy the focus has been on developing a range of reading strategies, both phonic and meaning based. Students have been developing these skills through whole class focus and reading group activities. In writing students have been drawing pictures, tracing, and copying scribed text and are beginning to record the sounds they hear.


In numeracy students have been consolidating their understanding of numbers from 1 to 4 and how to represent and model these numbers in different ways. They have also participated in a number of direct hands on experiences by informally measuring and comparing objects using the language of longer and shorter, as well as comparing objects that are heavier or lighter using balance scales and hefting.


During integrated students have been learning about themselves and their peers. They have explored appearances, personalities, hobbies, family structures, and identifying their likes and dislikes. In addition to this, students have become aware of using their 5 senses to gain knowledge of the world around them and develop their sense of belonging to their classroom and the wider school community.

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