APS celebrate the Olympic Games

During Flexible and Remote Learning, the 3/4 students have been learning about the Olympic Games as part of our inquiry unit: The Olympic Games and Australian Symbols.
 Click READ MORE to view photos of their amazing Olympic torches and learn about the history of the Olympics.

The Ancient History of the Olympic Games: Greta G 3/4E
The first Olympic Games were held in Ancient Greece at Mount Olympus in 770BCE. 

You were only allowed to play the Olympics if you were not a lady or a slave. Only people who could speak Greek could participate.

Over time the Olympics were banned but not until Baron Pierre De Couberting created the new Olympics, including these activities: gymnastics, discus, long jump, tennis, swimming, archery and the Winter and Summer Olympics. Thanks to Pierre, women and men can play in the Olympics and it doesn't matter what your background or nationality, everybody could play.

This event happens every 4 years.