Mural of HOPE

In preparation for the 3/4s returning to school, teachers wanted to organise a special art mural. We wanted to acknowledge students' positive approach to learning online and learning with the support and guidance of teachers from afar.

At times this was very difficult, perhaps challenging, for students but they have worked through this with great determination and drive.  When times are tough, we asked students to find their inner positive voice, called “positive talk”, which is part of our You Can Do It program. It has been an important time to put student’s learning to the test and this is why we wanted to acknowledge how proud we are.

Students painted a rock with an inspiring word or phrase and used their creative talents to decorate it. When this was completed we asked that the photos were uploaded to the teachers. The photos were then printed to create a large mural in the corridor in Building 2.

The mural represents one large rock pond connecting all the 3/4 students together in one team.

"Hope is as pure as a crystal clear pond!"                                                    

Jude McGrath 3/4B Teacher