Saving (Y)our World Instalment 8

Wasting Water    by: Morrigan R:  I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before…“limit your shower to 3 minutes”, “don’t leave the tap on while brushing your teeth”, “only use as much water as you need”. Maybe you have heard it before, but have you really listened?

The thing is, water is something we all need to survive. But we also use water for lots of other things. How do we make sure we have enough to drink? Right now, we have enough in Melbourne but what about the future? Climate change predictions suggest we may have less water in years to come. You never know, we may be wasting ourselves into oblivion…one drop at a time.

Did you know that only 2.5% of all water on Earth is fresh? And of that, 70% is frozen in glaciers that are slowly melting into the sea. So, although we live on a ‘blue planet’, not much of the water that is present on Earth is available for us to use. Yet almost every organism on this planet that lives on land depends on fresh water. Our lives depend on fresh water. Indeed, the human body is made of 60% water! This means we are literally sending our lifeblood down the drain when we are careless with our water.

How can you stop wasting our precious water? You can start by limiting your showers to 3 minutes or less and making sure that you tighten the taps after you are done so that they don’t drip. Other ways you can help are: turning the tap off while you brush your teeth and pouring your water on a plant or in a pet’s water bowl if you still have some left in your drink bottle. There are even more effective and complicated ways, like grey water usage, where you use rain water and recycled water on your garden and in the toilet bowl. After all, even though we need fresh water to drink, our toilet water and hose water don’t need to be fresh. You see, there are other ways to do things if you only look beneath the surface.

Did you also know that the dams that provide Melbourne with water are only two-thirds full at the moment? What if we have another drought? Will there be enough for people to drink? Droughts are common in Australia and there might be another one just around the corner. We need to always remember this and be careful with how we use water all the time.

I hope you consider this from now on and try not to waste any water. I hope that you start taking shorter showers and use fresh water only on the things that need it. You can help save our water supply, one drop at a time.

Morrigan R signing out. I hope you join me next week for another instalment of saving (Y)our world.

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry,”          
-Thomas Fuller