Weekly Newsletter

Thursday 18th October 2018

Dear Parents,

Celebrating student achievement in Grades 3/4
Students in Grades 3 and 4 have been studying Early White Settlement and the Gold Rush over the past two terms. An important part of this experience was their camp, last week, at Sovereign Hill Goldfields.
Students discovered and tried some of the techniques miners used to find gold, such as panning and sluicing. They also experienced the confinement of an underground mine. This has enriched their understanding of the life and hardships faced by nineteenth century miners and their families.
I congratulate students and their teachers for the quality of their discussions and their projects that illustrate their developing understanding of our history. Pictured here are two dioramas depicting mining at Sovereign Hill; you can view these and others in the school foyer.


Congratulations Arden Stevens

Congratulations to Arden who participated in the 200m sprint and triple jump at the regional athletics meeting. Arden competed with the best athletes from schools in South West Victoria and managed to make the final in both events. A very impressive effort. Well done Arden.


Reading with children

It is the joy and love of sharing a good book on a nightly basis that sets the foundation for children’s reading success, and ensures that reading is given the priority it deserves. Reading regularly with someone who cares is the inspiration that all readers deserve.

Setting aside half an hour to read a chapter or two each week night, as children settle into bed, has many benefits for your family, it:

  • develops a love of literature and stimulates a child’s imagination
  • provides a regular bedtime routine
  • settles children ready for a good night’s sleep.

This also a good time to collect and recharge digital devices away from their bedroom.

There is more about helping your child with reading and writing at home at the Primary English Teaching Association Australia’s web page: http://www.petaa.edu.au/imis_prod/w/Teaching_Resources/Parents_guide.aspx/


Election Day barbecue – volunteers required

Our Fundraising Committee plans to hold a barbecue at the school on Saturday 24 November, the day of the next state election. This is a great opportunity to raise money from the wider community. We seek parents to work a two hour shift in a team of three or four, between 7am to around 2pm. The money raised will help meet the cost of extending our well used playground.


Have you changed your contact details?

If you have new mobile number or email address, please let the office staff (Ros or Sue) know so that your child’s record is kept up to date.

Paul Mulroyan


Thursday 11th October 2018

Dear Parents,

Be SunSmart in Terms 1 and 4

Students are required to wear a hat at recess times during the warmer months. We follow the SunSmart protocols and are quite vigilant in enforcing this directive. Students who have not brought a hat are required to spend their recess periods in the library alcove. They may visit the canteen or toilet, however they are not permitted to play with their friends in the school yard. Please ensure your child has their hat with them each day so that they can enjoy their study breaks.

Grade 3/4 students enjoy Ballarat camp.

On Monday, students had hands-on experiences panning for gold at Sovereign Hill as part of their three day camp. The camp compliments their studies into early settlement in Victoria. Students also visited the Eureka Centre where they were informed about gold mining in Ballarat.

Many thanks to the staff who cared for the students during the camp, thanks also to Amanda Gerace for regularly posting Flexibuzz messages to parents of grade 3/4 students.

Good luck Arden, well done Marley…

Congratulations and good luck to Arden Stevens who has qualified for the Western Region athletics championships at Keilor Park Track on Tuesday, October 16th. Arden will compete in the Triple Jump and 200m (11 Year Boys).

Marley Stowers also qualified for the 9/10 Girls shot-put, however she will miss the competition as she is attending Somers Camp. We heartily congratulate both students on their sporting achievement.

Homework for students

The homework policy was developed and passed by school council in 2016. The policy explains the principles. And learning focus of homework. It also provides parents with the types of homework that can be expected at various year levels. Homework should not be arduous for students, nor are parents expected to do the work for their child. If your child is having difficulty with the homework, please contact the class teacher. A copy of the policy is published with today’s newsletter.

Lost property boxes overflowing

Our two lost property boxes are overflowing with unclaimed uniform articles. Most items are windcheaters, if your child is missing part of their uniform, please check the boxes which are located in the corridors.

Canteen volunteers required for Thursdays

Di does not have any volunteers for Thursdays this term. I ask parents to consider helping once a month on this day. On days when there are no volunteers to assist, the canteen will prepare lunches only, window sales may not be possible.


Paul Mulroyan


Thursday 20th September 2018


Dear Parents



 Safety on public transport       


A report was brought to my attention recently about two of our students on a bus who were questioned by a passenger. The students answered the questions respectfully, however the witness became concerned as the questions started to seek information about their school and home. I suggest that parents discuss safety with children and provide a script such as: ’Thank you for your questions but my parents have told me not to talk to adults I do not know.’


Book Parade


Congratulations to our students who wore simple, colourful, imaginative and home-made costumes. Students looked wonderful as they paraded around the stadium in their grades. The simplicity of their outfits added to the appeal – the homemade paper mask or painted box was all that was needed to enjoy the character students portrayed. Many thanks to parents being very supportive.


School Council News


2019 School Fees will be $260 per child and a $20 grounds payment. Council discussed the cost of book packs and classroom consumables (various types of bulk paper, adhesives, paints and consumables). This year the cost of software used by students is also included. This has become a major expense for our school as enrolments increase beyond the 400 benchmark.

New books: Council approved the expenditure of $7,000 to purchase additional take-home readers for Preps to Grade 2 students. Our students have read through our current supply and new books are needed to maintain their interest. The new readers will be available for borrowing early next term.

New artificial turf: Laying artificial turf in another area was approved by council. It will be installed between the buildings near the library. The turf is very popular with students and at times becomes quite crowded; it was agreed that another area for older students will be a welcome addition.

School Uniform Online Survey: Council is seeking parents’ opinion on the quality of uniform articles, the convenience of the current supplier’s location and overall satisfaction.  There are nine questions where you rank your opinion (1 for low through to 10 for high) and one comment area. To complete this survey go to: https://goo.gl/forms/sawEFhWc7VrT6YBs1


Moonee Valley Initiative


Do you have retired relatives looking for something to do?

Moonee valley Repair Café - community information drop-in session

Are you passionate about cutting down the amount of waste you create? Do you have an old heirloom sitting in your garage in need of repair? Repair Cafés are for you and one is coming to Moonee Valley very soon!

Some enthusiastic community members are starting up a repair café in Moonee Valley and are looking for your support. They will need a range of skilled helpers, so if you can fix a punctured bike tyre, darn a sweater or rewire a 1920s tube-radio they need you! Whatever your particular talents may be, come along to this session to see how you can get involved. Don’t worry, if your can’t use a wrench or sewing machine, the group also need greeters and photographers and generally passionate people to make this amazing idea happen.

So come along to this drop-in session, make some new friends, learn more about repair cafés and whatever your particular talent may be they’d love to find a place for you!

When: 6pm-8pm, Thursday 6 October

Where: Sam Merrifield Library, 762 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds

Further information at https://www.facebook.com/events/233006950709430/


I hope you and your family have a great holiday.


Paul Mulroyan




Thursday 13th September 2018



Dear Parents,


Good bedtime habits help learning


The amount of sleep your child requires depends on their age: three to six year-olds need 10–12 hours and seven to 12 year-olds need 10–11 hours. Changing your routine to ensure children get the hours required can be challenging. The Royal Children’s Hospital has some great advice for parents at: https://www.rch.org.au/kidsinfo/fact_sheets/Bedtime_problems_Preschool/


A good night’s sleep is important for every child to be healthy, active and fully attentive at school. Digital device screens emit blue light. While this is fine during the day, of an evening it reduces levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. This makes it hard for children to go to sleep. We suggest that digital devices are collected for charging overnight at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Books are a great way to prepare for sleep. To read more about the effects of blue light on sleep, you can read the article: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/q-a-why-is-blue-light-before-bedtime-bad-for-sleep/


Sports Day – Friday


This is a fun day that students enjoy each year. It is an opportunity for multi-age groups to cooperate together to get high scores in skill building activities. The sports start at 9:20am, each activity will last 20 minutes followed by a five minute transition. After the fourth rotation, students return to their grade to collect their donut or play-lunch. At 11:30, students start the second round of rotations. Lunch recess: 1:30 to 2:10. 2:15 Year 6 marking competition followed by the drawing of raffle at 2:30pm. Parents are warmly welcome to attend and assist with the activities if desired.


Garden Club news:


Students in the Garden Club today spread their homemade compost into the soil of the garden in preparation for planting. The gardeners have been perfecting their compost mix by adding organic green matter, straw, paper and water on a weekly basis. We are using it to add nutrients into our soil!


School Uniform Survey


Our school council has a five year contract with Lowes High Point to supply school uniforms. This contract will finish in 12 months. It is timely therefore to survey parents so that council can identify parent views on the quality and convenience offered by Lowes. You are invited to participate in this online survey via this link: https://goo.gl/forms/sawEFhWc7VrT6YBs1


Book Week Parade on Wednesday 19 Sept.


Students, teachers and parents enjoy our annual book week parade. This year it will be held in the gymnasium on Wednesday 19th from 9:15am. Teachers will award prizes to costumes that are based on a book character and are: imaginative, homemade, simple and colourful. Prizes will be decided in class before the parade and distributed to the winner in each class after the parade.



Semester Two reports to be emailed.


I wish to give you advanced notice that the end of year reports will be emailed to parents in December. They will be PDF files that can be stored digitally or printed. Parents will be provided with a printed copy if requested. Please ensure your current email address is provided to office staff.


I hope you have a great week


Paul Mulroyan





Thursday 3rd September 2018



Dear Parents,



New artificial turf very popular with students


Younger students are enjoying the new artificial turf area as a picnic spot, group meeting place, exercise mat or just a place to walk with an interesting feeling under-foot. When we acquire toys for the new container, students will play with them on this area.



5 minutes of your time can give our students $80,000 of improvements


The Victorian Government’s Pick My Project community grants will distribute over one million dollars to each of 15 regions across the state. The projects are selected by popular online voting. We ask all families to go to https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/ and login or register to vote for Avondale Primary Activity Playground. Please ask your friends and relatives to vote for our project as well. It would take over four years to raise this amount from fundraising.  Voting closes at 5pm, Monday 17 September. until 5pm, Monday 17 Septemberuntil 5pm, Monday 17 September




Online Student safety – your vigilance needed


At a recent school presentation on Bullying and Cyber Safety, students in grades 3-6 were asked by the presenter if they were engaged in social media or online games. A staggering 75-80% of children stood up and confirmed that they had agreed to the terms and conditions of joining the sites.


Many of the children seemed unaware that they were too young to be on these sites.


Most social media services require users to be at least 13 years old. This is to comply with the Children’ Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. This is a US law preventing the collection and storage of personal information from a child under 13.This link shows social media services, the terms of use minimum age, app store and google play ratings: https://www.esafety.gov.au/education-resources/iparent/staying-safe/social-networking/is-there-an-age-limit-for-kids-on-social-media




Parent Opinion Survey - extended


The closing date for the online Parent Opinion Survey has been extended to Sunday 9 September 2018. Parents can submit completed online surveys until 11:59PM Sunday 9 September 2018.

-Should you have any technical queries regarding the “Your School, Your Say” portal, please do not hesitate to contact ORIMA Research on 1800 654 585 (toll free), or by email: pos@orima.com.

-Should you have any participation or general survey-related queries, please contact the Department by email:  parentopinion.survey@edumail.vic.gov.au



Parent Helpers information sessions – Thursday 13th September 9:30 and 2:30


Parents will need to have a current volunteer’s Working with Children check (WWC) to assist in classes, excursions and canteen next year. These are free for volunteers. Parent Information sessions will be given next week by Ms Heywood. Laptop computers will be available for parents to use immediately following the information sessions to apply for a WWC; Ms Heywood is able to provide assistance when applying online.


I hope you have a great week


Paul Mulroyan




Thursday 30th August 2018



Dear Parents,




Students should be on site by 8:45am


Having a few moments to socialise with friends before class begins, assists students settle into their studies quickly. School starts at 8:50am and that is when class rolls are taken. Students who arrive after that time must report to the office so that the CASES attendance record can be updated. Recently we have had several instances where a student entered class, without visiting the office, after the electronic roll was marked. This resulted in parents receiving a SMS reporting their child’s absence by the system.  I ask parents to ensure that your child arrives at school before the bell.




Aftercare now on site


A warm welcome to Sonya and her crew as Out of Hours School Care is now held at Avondale Primary School in our BER building.  Before care starts at 7:15am while Aftercare finishes at 6pm.  This program can accommodate up to 50 students, currently there are 38 students attending.




Students practice an off-site evacuation


I congratulate students and staff for the calm and effective way they evacuated the school buildings in yesterday’s drill. All students were sitting in their grades at the back of the oval,  3 minutes and 20 seconds after the siren was first sounded. Teachers then escorted students to the offsite assembly area outside the gymnasium.



On a sad note


Former Avondale teacher Alice Gilbert passed away last Saturday 25th August. Her funeral is next Tuesday 4th September at the Strathmore Uniting Church (Corner of Crossways and Uplands Road), commencing at 11:30 am. If you have friends or neighbours who had children here in the early 1990s, they may wish to know.



Stage one of a new play area established


We are developing a new option for students to play with toys and construction material at recess times. The new brown container near the sand pit (affectionately known as Rusty), will have materials that students can borrow to play with on the new artificial grass area. The implementation stages are:


1. Laying of the artificial turf, 2. Installation of a roller-door on the side of the container, 3. Assembly of shelving units, 4. Acquisition of resources and 5. Grand opening. Students are enjoying playing on the new area, however I ask parents to keep pets well away from the grass for hygiene reasons. Many thanks to Mr Scarfo for coordinating this project.



Imagine a world free from bullying poster winners - Student Safety Week.


These winners will be the student representatives on the bullying prevention action team Their posters are on display in the foyer and photos will be uploaded to the school’s website today.


Prep: Arden, Layla, Sannus, Jessica, Aadi, Luna, Alexandra & Ruby


Grade 1/2: Josh, Ava, Mason, Mina, Jemma, Portia, Steve, Olivia, Tyler & Scarlett


Grade 3/4 : Xavier, Alex, Seth, Claire, Jackson, Jasmine, Alex & Molly


Grade 4/5 & 5/6 : Matt, Bronte, Eleni, Monica, Jason, Samara, Kevin & Kristy.




Father’s Day breakfast – 7:30am in BER


Tomorrow we will have our annual Father’s Day breakfast for grade prep and one students and their dads. Students will have cereal, toast and a drink while dad can have an egg and bacon roll and coffee/tea. The breakfast will finish by 8:30am. At 8am, there will be a lucky draw with two great prizes to be won. Sports equipment will be available for dads and students to play with after the lucky draw.



I hope you have a great week.


Thursday 23rd August 2018



Dear Parents,




Student safety Week


This week we have focussed upon student safety. Zero Bullying presented to students in Years 3 – 6. They identified what is and isn’t bullying, how to react to a bully and how to be an up-stander not a by-stander. Students in Prep – Year 2 were presented with information on personal safety and what to do if someone makes you feel uncomfortable by the Bravehearts organisation.  Many thanks to parents who came to the junior session.




Literacy and numeracy tips to help your child every day: a guide for parents of children 0-12


This is a new, free, online resource developed by the Department Education and Training designed to support students acquire the skills they need to succeed at learning and life. It provides parents with fun, inexpensive, accessible and practical activities you can do to help children develop their skills. You can download an online version from the Department of Education and Training website and searching for ‘Supporting your child’s learning.’ Copies are also available in Arabic, mandarin, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Chin (Hakha), Dari and Persian.




Parent Helper Training and Working with Children Checks


Ms Heywood will be running two Parent Helper/ Working with Children Check Information sessions on Thursday 13th September at 9am and 2:30pm. From the beginning of 2019, parents will need to be trained to assist in the classrooms. A note will be sent home next week with further information and a RSVP slip.




District Athletics Report


On Monday the 20th of August forty-five students represented our school at the Ascot Vale district athletics carnival at the Aberfeldie Athletics Track.



Victor Moissidis; 1st in shot put - 12/13 Boys

Jayden Ngyen: 1st in 200m and 2nd in 100m - 12/13 Boys

Junior Lugonja: 1st in discus - 11 Boys

Arden Stevens: 1st in Triple jump, 1st in 200m and 2nd in 100m – 11 Boys

Marley Stowers  1st in discus – 9/10 Girls

Ilanna Chung: 2nd in long jump 12/13 Girls

Tereza Quinn: 2nd in shot put 11 Girls

Mia Bailey: 3rd in shot-put – 9/10 Girls

Jalena Nguyen: 3rd in high jump – 9/10 Girls

Leila Andric: 3rd in high jump – 11 Girls

Aimon  Tran: 3rd in shot-put – 11 Boys

Kary Wu: 3rd in 200m – 11 Girls


The first and second place getters advance to the western region athletics championships at Keilor athletics stadium on Monday September 15th 2018. Thanks to Ms. Handley and Mr. Sharp who assisted on the day.  By Tereza, Victor and John Cleary.




Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge


This year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge finishes on Friday 7 September. Parents are reminded that books read should be entered onto the web site by this date for children to receive their certificate.




Lost property boxes – overflowing


There are scores of lost garments in the two lost property boxes. I encourage parents who know that their child has left a windcheater or other article at school, to go through the boxes. Most garments are not named.




I hope you have a great week



Thursday 16th August 2018



Dear Parents,



Lost Property Boxes are overflowing

Please check them if your child has lost or misplaced any clothing items. Unclaimed school uniforms will be donated to the second hand uniform shop at the end of term 3. Any additional unclaimed clothes will be dolnated to charity.



Celebrating our Education Support Staff


There are 13 non-teaching staff at Avondale Primary School. They are classified as Education Support (ES) staff within the department.  Our ES staff perform a range of duties; some provide additional assistance in classrooms, several are involved with administrative functions including monitoring student attendance, Di manages the canteen, Liz manages the library and Peter maintains the school’s gardens and equipment. Every ES staff member has a personal commitment to our students and frequently contributes beyond his or her industrial conditions and employment hours. I wish to acknowledge and thank each ES staff member for their good will and dedication.




Science Week Wrap


It is Science Week at Avondale Primary School. Students have been involved with activities with a science focus all week. Sam Harrison, teacher and science enthusiast has provided each grade with wonderful activities to assist students understand their world. Maria Roach has also used this week to focus upon litter and waste – we have undertaken several litter audits and I am very pleased to report that we have reduced our yard-litter in excess of 68%. Congratulations all.




Art Show of recycled materials – BER today


A fantastic Art show is on display in the BER today. Students and teachers have created highly inventive installations from materials that have already served their original purpose. I am genuinely impressed with the quality of the work and the creative thinking that preceded it. A beautifully coloured butterfly and rainbow from bottle tops, lava lamps, picture frames through to squeeze and relax therapy units are only part of the display. Why not pop into the BER this afternoon before collecting your child?  You can see more photos of our exhibition at the school’s website (http://www.avondaleps.vic.edu.au/).




Book Week celebrations


Book Week will be celebrated during the final week of this term. The Book Week Parade will be in the gymnasium on Wednesday 19th and the performance by Meerkat Productions will be on Thursday 20th September. We are looking for student made costumes.




Aftercare - The wait is over!


Commencing 27th August Community Out of Hours School Care (OHSC) Services will be on site in the BER at Avondale Primary. Before school care  7:15 – 9am and After school care 3:15 – 6pm. If you are already enrolled we will transfer your enrolment and current bookings.  So there is nothing for you to do. If you would like to enrol or for more information please email: office@communityoshcservices.com or call Sonya 0405529972






Thursday 8th August 2018


Dear Parents,


Instrumental music lessons

Every week over 100 students are withdrawn from class for instrumental tuition in keyboard or guitar. Mrs Shell teaches keyboard skills from Tuesday to Thursday; Mr Butler teaches guitar on Thursday. It is important that students bring their own guitar to their lessons.Parents can help by ensuring that children practice at least 4 times per week. The following link has positive suggestions for parents to encourage a regular practice routine.  How to stop nagging your child to practise their musical instrument


 Bullying survey

Parents are kindly requested to complete and return the school’s bullying survey by Friday 17th August. These can be left at the office or returned via students to their class teacher.


 Fund raising – thank you for your support.
The cookie-dough fundraiser was very successful. A few late orders prevent me from announcing the final profit at the moment, but it will be published next week. Many thanks to all who supported this effort. The money is being used to acquire play resources for our students to use at recess times.


 Grade 1/2C students enjoy learning about area

Ms McGrath is teaching the concept of area and how to measure it. She is reusing newspapers to develop students understanding of this concept. ‘Maths is fun,’ said one happy student ‘and it makes your fingers black’ as she rolled a sheet of newspaper, into a spiral.

Once the grade had rolled over 50 spirals, they guessed how many it would take to cover a board. With predictions noted, students cooperated together to cover the board as tightly as possible. I think this is an excellent activity for developing a conceptual understanding of area because:

It used informal (irregular) units

Students are not distracted by the arithmetic of regular units

It is ‘hands on’, students had to stretch across the board to cover parts of the area

It involved: talking, sharing, cooperative decision making, hypothesizing and counting.

It was fun.


Well done everyone in Grade 1/2C.


Garden News

Students have begun clearing old crops from the garden to prepare for the new planting season. Students have also been busy getting our homemade compost ready by watering, airing and turning it. We will use the homemade compost to make our soil even healthier!  The worm farm is doing well and will help improve our soil. Great job, gardeners!



Thursday 2nd August 2018



Dear Parents,


100 days of Preps

On Tuesday our prep students celebrated their one hundredth day at school by dressing as 100 year olds and doing lots of activities based on 100. ‘When I’m 110, I will sleep on the floor’ said one child, another thought she will ride a horse and cook for all her children!  I congratulate Natalie, Annette, Leisha and Jess, the prep teachers for giving the students a memorable day.


Moving away from Avondale Heights??

Our school is increasing in enrolments each year by an average of 5%. However every year families move from Avondale Heights for a variety of reasons. If you know that your children will not be attending this school next year, please inform Ros or Sue (the office staff).


Volunteers needed

We seek volunteers who can assist with sales on our Father’s Day stall (Thursday 30 August) and Sports Day (September 14). If you can spare a few hours assisting with one or both events, please let the office staff know or see Dani Parisi or Haroula Koucoulis.


Curriculum Day influences literacy lessons

During Monday’s curriculum day, teachers participated in a workshop on iMovie and Clips.These digital apps will be used to enhance the literacy program. On Tuesday, students in Grade1/2B used the Clips app to make a prediction. The goal of the activity was: I can make a prediction before reading a text, by looking at the front cover. The activity required students to choose a book, then record a prediction on the iPad using Clips. Students then read the story. They shared the prediction videos with the class using the Smart Boards at the front of the room. The iPads are able to wirelessly display the video on the large Smart Board; they can even be shared with the neighbouring class. Congratulations Ms Collins.


Girls playing in the yard

 We are seeking ways to provide activities for girls in the school yard. Several girls regularly play soccer and/or basketball. Most however spend recess time in more passive ways.  Skipping is becoming popular again, especially with a long rope and several girls jumping together.


Former student Nick Kung’s actions acknowledged

We congratulate paramedics Tim Webb and Nick Kung for saving the life of Belinda McCoy. Ms McCoy credits her survival, following a heart attack, to the quick and professional response by Tim and Nick. You can see Belinda, Nick and Tim at: https://twitter.com/ambulancevic?lang=en


Please inform the school if your child is issued an Epipen

When children have a severe allergic reaction to a substance, doctors may prescribe the use of an Epipen. If your child is prescribed an Epipen, please inform your child’s teacher or office staff as soon as possible.


I hope you have a great week.


Paul Mulroyan


Thursday 26th July 2018


Dear Parents,


Curriculum Day Monday 30 July.

Students do not attend school on Monday, teachers will participating in two professional development programs: one is focussed upon further improving classroom culture to facilitate stronger student learning and the second is focussed upon developing staff skills in using video and audio applications for classroom use.


Learning together with technology

Students in Grade 3/4A have recently been researching f



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