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Thursday 8th August 2018


Dear Parents,


Instrumental music lessons

Every week over 100 students are withdrawn from class for instrumental tuition in keyboard or guitar. Mrs Shell teaches keyboard skills from Tuesday to Thursday; Mr Butler teaches guitar on Thursday. It is important that students bring their own guitar to their lessons.Parents can help by ensuring that children practice at least 4 times per week. The following link has positive suggestions for parents to encourage a regular practice routine.  How to stop nagging your child to practise their musical instrument


 Bullying survey

Parents are kindly requested to complete and return the school’s bullying survey by Friday 17th August. These can be left at the office or returned via students to their class teacher.


 Fund raising – thank you for your support.
The cookie-dough fundraiser was very successful. A few late orders prevent me from announcing the final profit at the moment, but it will be published next week. Many thanks to all who supported this effort. The money is being used to acquire play resources for our students to use at recess times.


 Grade 1/2C students enjoy learning about area

Ms McGrath is teaching the concept of area and how to measure it. She is reusing newspapers to develop students understanding of this concept. ‘Maths is fun,’ said one happy student ‘and it makes your fingers black’ as she rolled a sheet of newspaper, into a spiral.

Once the grade had rolled over 50 spirals, they guessed how many it would take to cover a board. With predictions noted, students cooperated together to cover the board as tightly as possible. I think this is an excellent activity for developing a conceptual understanding of area because:

It used informal (irregular) units

Students are not distracted by the arithmetic of regular units

It is ‘hands on’, students had to stretch across the board to cover parts of the area

It involved: talking, sharing, cooperative decision making, hypothesizing and counting.

It was fun.


Well done everyone in Grade 1/2C.


Garden News

Students have begun clearing old crops from the garden to prepare for the new planting season. Students have also been busy getting our homemade compost ready by watering, airing and turning it. We will use the homemade compost to make our soil even healthier!  The worm farm is doing well and will help improve our soil. Great job, gardeners!

Thursday 2nd August 2018


Dear Parents,


100 days of Preps

On Tuesday our prep students celebrated their one hundredth day at school by dressing as 100 year olds and doing lots of activities based on 100. ‘When I’m 110, I will sleep on the floor’ said one child, another thought she will ride a horse and cook for all her children!  I congratulate Natalie, Annette, Leisha and Jess, the prep teachers for giving the students a memorable day.


Moving away from Avondale Heights??

Our school is increasing in enrolments each year by an average of 5%. However every year families move from Avondale Heights for a variety of reasons. If you know that your children will not be attending this school next year, please inform Ros or Sue (the office staff).


Volunteers needed

We seek volunteers who can assist with sales on our Father’s Day stall (Thursday 30 August) and Sports Day (September 14). If you can spare a few hours assisting with one or both events, please let the office staff know or see Dani Parisi or Haroula Koucoulis.


Curriculum Day influences literacy lessons

During Monday’s curriculum day, teachers participated in a workshop on iMovie and Clips.These digital apps will be used to enhance the literacy program. On Tuesday, students in Grade1/2B used the Clips app to make a prediction. The goal of the activity was: I can make a prediction before reading a text, by looking at the front cover. The activity required students to choose a book, then record a prediction on the iPad using Clips. Students then read the story. They shared the prediction videos with the class using the Smart Boards at the front of the room. The iPads are able to wirelessly display the video on the large Smart Board; they can even be shared with the neighbouring class. Congratulations Ms Collins.


Girls playing in the yard

 We are seeking ways to provide activities for girls in the school yard. Several girls regularly play soccer and/or basketball. Most however spend recess time in more passive ways.  Skipping is becoming popular again, especially with a long rope and several girls jumping together.

Former student Nick Kung’s actions acknowledged

We congratulate paramedics Tim Webb and Nick Kung for saving the life of Belinda McCoy. Ms McCoy credits her survival, following a heart attack, to the quick and professional response by Tim and Nick. You can see Belinda, Nick and Tim at: https://twitter.com/ambulancevic?lang=en


Please inform the school if your child is issued an Epipen

When children have a severe allergic reaction to a substance, doctors may prescribe the use of an Epipen. If your child is prescribed an Epipen, please inform your child’s teacher or office staff as soon as possible.


I hope you have a great week.

Paul Mulroyan

Thursday 26th July 2018


Dear Parents,


Curriculum Day Monday 30 July.

Students do not attend school on Monday, teachers will participating in two professional development programs: one is focussed upon further improving classroom culture to facilitate stronger student learning and the second is focussed upon developing staff skills in using video and audio applications for classroom use.


Learning together with technology

Students in Grade 3/4A have recently been researching famous aboriginal people and making a presentation using PowerPoint. It is pleasing to see students share their knowledge with each other.


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Information sessions are being conducted across the Western Melbourne Area for parents and school staff.

Attached is an information sheet detailing the session dates, times and locations.

The sessions will provide information for families and students who live in Western Melbourne Area.

Students who are in one or more of the following categories have had their contact details provided to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to facilitate a smooth transition into the NDIS:

  1. Students receiving Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) funding for Vision Impairment;
  2. Students enrolled at a Specialist School exclusively for students with Moderate to Profound Intellectual Disability;
  3. Students with disability transport program (Specialist School Bus, taxi or conveyance allowance);
  4. Personal care support at school (Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) funding at level 4, 5 or 6; and/or Medical Intervention Support (MIS). 

Student leaders attend MVCC library courtyard opening.

On Tuesday, 19 of our student leaders gathered with local residents to witness Mayor John Sipek officially open the library courtyard. The courtyard is an additional reading area that residents will enjoy when the weather is conducive to reading outdoors. There was an African drummer who gave a 50 minute lesson to our students and residents on playing various beats together. I wish to thank the library staff for their invitation and kind welcome to our students.


Prep enrolments for 2019

The school will accept the enrolment of students for Preps next year from families who live within the school zone (http://melbourneschoolzones.com/) or from families who have an older sibling currently attending Avondale Primary. There are already 75 students currently enrolled in Preps next year. If you know of a family who intends to enrol their child at Avondale Primary, and have not yet approached the school, please encourage them to do so.

The transition arrangements for 2019 Preps is:

Wednesday 7 November           Parent Information Evening 7:30 – 8:30pm

Thursday 15 November            Prep transition morning #1 and Parent Information Session 9:15 – 10:15am

Thursday 22 November            Prep transition morning #2 and Parent Information Session  9:15 – 10:15am


Attachments to today’s newsletter:

  1. Invitation to attend NDIS information session for families
  2. Science Week 13 – 17 August
  3. Reusable Treasures Art Show  16 August 3:15 – 3:45

I hope you have a great week.

Thursday 19th July 2018

Dear Parents,

 Welcome back to school for this 10 week term. We welcome new students: Johanna, Madison (Yr. 6) and Simeon (Yr3) to Avondale Primary.

Themes for Term 3


Students will be studying the following themes this term:


Preps:   Learning about safety - personal, traffic, pet, water and fire


1/2s       Investigating the properties of materials and domestic chemicals


3/4s       Australia’s inland explorers and the 1860s goldrush


5/6s       World geography” Continents, countries and cultures.




Well after a long wait Community OSHC is coming to our School!

In Term 3 we will have an OSHC running on site at Avondale Primary.  We know many of the children will miss friends and staff from St Martins but we are ensuring the staff will be known to the children and families, and we plan to still combine for Vacation Care.

We don’t have an exact date as yet we are still working through the paperwork  and getting ready to deliver a great service, but we are hopeful for week 3 or 4 of Term 3.  Until it’s time to move into our new site we will continue to offer our current service.


Our OSHC room will be located in the BER.  We will be offering before, after and curriculum days on site. More information please email: office@communityoshcservices.com or call Sonya 0405529972



Students with mobile phones


Parents are reminded that students may bring mobile phones to school but these should be brought to the office before school and collected after school. Students are not permitted to take and/or send photos nor make telephone calls during school hours. The school takes no responsibility for the theft or damage of phones that are not left at the office.


Corridors to be kept clear


Every day over 380 students leave their classes via one of our two corridors. It is important that parents and guardians do not wait inside, especially at the end of the school day. Students need to collect their bags and negotiate their way to the exits. As students are dismissed at the same time, the corridors become very crowded.


Please wait outside for your child. If it is expected to rain, you can arrange to meet under a covered area e.g. basketball court or covered alcoves. Thank you for your cooperation.




Canteen volunteers


We seek volunteers to assist in the canteen especially on Thursdays. If you have a flexiday from work, I ask that you consider using part of the day to assist Di prepare lunches or prepare morning recess food e.g. grilled cheese on toast.



Cookie Dough – fund raiser


Students will bring a flyer home today for our next fund raiser. Money raised from this effort will go towards the purchase of ‘hands-on’ play equipment for junior students. Orders can be placed online at: www.cookiedough.com.au by Thursday 2nd August.



I hope you have a great week

Thursday 28th June


Dear Parents,


Students finish their first semester tomorrow. I would like to congratulate students on their solid progress this year and staff for their tireless efforts to support every student improve.


Celebrating aboriginal culture


Although NAIDOC week starts over the holidays, we have used this last week of school to celebrate the culture of our country’s original inhabitants.


The week has seen students learn the song ‘Inanay’ to sing at our end of term assembly. We ask that students wear yellow, red or black as part of our NAIDOC week celebration.


A group of senior students have spent lunchtime with Ms Handley and parent Dani Parisi creating aboriginal style paintings. Pictured are students with their art work.


Garden News


On Friday 15th and 22nd of June, students from the Garden Club helped harvest our lettuce crop before school and this was used in the school lunch orders. We dug the lettuce up, snip the roots and washed the dirt off. We hope you enjoyed your lunch orders! By Claire Ragusa 3/4B


Thank you for attending the P_T interviews


Many thanks to parents who attended the interviews yesterday. Several parents enjoyed the opportunity to share perceptions about their child’s progress with the teacher. I wish to thank staff for their careful preparation in the collection of evidence for their written and verbal reports.




Positive response to SMS for unexplained student absences


I am pleased to report that parents have responded quickly and gratefully to the SMS message that the attendance software automatically sends when an unexplained absence is entered onto the system.  Messages are sent to parents at 10:30am, parents have until 12 noon to respond with a reason to avoid the absence being recorded as unexplained. Parents can reply to that text, or respond by phone or Flexibuzz.




Last day timetable


Friday is the last day of term. Lunch orders will be available to students on Friday, however Di asks that option 1 and 2 are noted on the order in case they run out of particular foods.


Students start class and have recess at the usual time. Students will eat lunch at 12:45, play in the yard from 1pm returning to class at 1:45pm for the final clean-up. They will attend assembly at 2pm; we aim to dismiss students around 2:15pm.


On behalf of the staff, I wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable holiday and look ford to seeing you again on Monday 16 July to start the 10 week third term.

Paul Mulroyan


Thursday 21st June


Dear Parents,


The first semester is drawing to a close and I’m very pleased to report that most students have made impressive improvement in their studies. You will be able to see your child’s report when it is sent home on Friday. I wish to thank teachers who have spent a substantial amount of time assessing, analysing and reporting on their students.


Semester Reports

This year, there is an additional graph on the last page, it shows the percentage of times a student arrived late for school.  It is similar to the attendance graph in that the colour indicates whether the rate indicated is good, fair or poor. Reports will be sent home on Friday 22nd June.


Parent Teacher Interviews reminder 

Bookings close on Friday 22nd June; you can book an interview time by visiting the web site: https://www.schoolinterviews.com.au/. The access code for Avondale Primary School code: esz7v

Specialist teachers are available for appointments. Ms McLaren, teacher of grade 3/4A will hold her interviews on Wednesday 18th July.  

Bravehearts 7-7-7 marathon

Next week Ms McLaren is participating in the Bravehearts 7-7-7 marathon which raises money for people who were abused in their childhood.  Ms McLaren will run in seven marathons in seven cities in seven days. We wish Dani all the very best as she runs for the fourth year in a row. If you wish to support this worthy charity, please visit: https://bravehearts.org.au/support-us/individuals/events/bravehearts-777-marathon/

School Council news

School Council approved the following educational activities for the second semester:

- Approval was given for a Curriculum Day on Monday 30th July

-Science Week 13 – 17 August was approved. The focus will be on the program Wipe Out Waste. It will involve students in an audit of our litter, learning more about recycling, reducing food packaging and finish with an Art show with works made from recycled articles

-NAIDOC celebrations were approved. It will conclude on Friday 29 June, the last day of term; students are asked to wear red if in P-2, yellowfor 3/4s and black for 5/6s. The 2pm assembly will see students symbolising the aboriginal flag.




SMS notification trial next week

Next week we will be trialling SMS notifications to parents whose children are absent without an explanation. The message will be sent at 10:30 by the administrative software, parents have until 12 midday to respond with an explanation.

Non response will result in the absence being recorded as absent without explanation which will generate a letter at the end of the term requesting an explanation for each instance this type of absence. The department is monitoring student attendance on a daily basis in every school. An information sheet explaining same day notification was distributed with the newsletter last week. Additional copies are available on request.


I hope you have a great week.

Paul Mulroyan


Thursday 14th June

Dear Parents,



Although NAIDOC week is over the holidays, students at Avondale Primary School will be participating in a number of related activities over the next two weeks. NAIDOC week celebrates the history, culture and achievement of aboriginal people in this country through music, art and learning about aboriginal history. Ms Handley, Mr Boffa and Dani Parisi (parent), have organised a number of lunchtime art activities: P-2 students have a colouring competition organised by the Junior School Council and on the last day of term, students are encouraged to wear red if they are in P-2, yellow in 3/4 and black in 4/5 and 5/6. The aim is to create an Aboriginal flag at the end of term assemble.


SMS messages to parents re non-attendance

Attached to this newsletter is an explanation of the procedures schools are required to follow when a student is absent without parent explanation. Parents will be sent an SMS message in the morning and are expected to reply by 12noon. Failure to reply will result in the student as being recorded as absent without explanation.


Are your contact details up to date?

If you have changed your mobile or home number, email or home address or if the people noted as emergency contacts have changed their contact details, please notify the office of the new details. These are especially important when a child is injured or ill; in these cases we routinely call a parent or emergency contact. Up to date details are also needed for SMS absence notifications


Walking / Bicycle Riding to school

In spite of the cool weather, students are encouraged to walk to school with a parent or responsible partner. This provides an active way to start the school day and helps reduce traffic congestion and competition for limited parking spaces. I remind students who ride their bike to school that they must wear a helmet when riding and once in the school grounds, bikes must be walked to the storage area. Although the storage area is quite secure, I advise students to lock their bike during the day.


Playground arrangements

There are some common sense rules regarding children playing in the yard and on the playground equipment

- When students are playing competitive games such as basketball, footy or kick to kick in groups, they should play with others in their grade levels: 1/2s, 3/4s or 5/6s.

- Where students are participating in non-competitive activities then children of different grade levels can mix together.

-The sand pit is for prep students exclusively during recess periods

-Play equipment under the shade sails is for students in grades Prep – 2

-Play equipment by the Music Room is available to students in 5/6 at recess and 3/4 at lunch time. 5/6 students only can play at the front of the school at recess periods.

-Students are not to climb trees nor leave the school grounds during recess periods.


Students enjoy our Music Room

Students regularly enjoy music lessons in our new music room. A wide range of percussion and tonal instruments are used during lessons. Several teachers are enjoying learning with the students as they make their way through the music program. I would like to thank parents and teachers for their support in making our curriculum programs more creative, engaging and enjoyable.


I hope you and your family have a great week.

Paul Mulroyan


Thursday 7th June

Dear Parents,


Avondale website translates the newsletters.

This newsletter can be automatically translated into more than 80 languages at the click of a mouse button. Simply visit http://www.avondaleps.vic.edu.au/page/11 select the CLICK HERE TO TRANSLATE THE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER then select your preferred language. This is a great way for non-English speaking relatives both here and abroad, to keep in touch with your child’s education.


Bunnings Barbecue

Many thanks to families who visited the barbecue on Sunday to buy a snag or two. Special thanks to the following parents supporters and staff who donated several hours to prepare, cook and serve: Marwa Al Kadhmi, Andrew Barker, Annerley Beeck, Mona Lisa Bhargava, Sarah Bowler, Adam Duggan, Drita Fazlija, Lance Ferguson, Jenna Heywood, Deb Hicks, Philip Huynh, Vy Huynh, Ben Kearon, Joe Kersh, Karl Kerton, Angelo and Haroula Koucoulis, Kevin Lac, Yeeman Lui, Nicole Mina, Minh Nghiem, Dani Parisi, Liaden Phan, Mathew Sawtell, Joe Scarfo, Willem Spam, Karena Wojcicki and Elizabeth Medina Zapata.

I would also like to express my thanks to families who made generous donations to the barbecue in lieu of time. This event was very successful and raised $1, 479.00. The list of donors and helpers is published on our school’s website.


War on Waste

Bridget Watson, a student who is studying sustainability as part of her Business degree, worked with a Grade 3/4 class last year to examine the contents of one of our classroom bins. Students classified the waste after watching the ABC’s War on Waste series last year. Bridget has provided a report on the results of the students’ investigation, which accompanies this week’s newsletter. It is very instructive reading and I am pleased to see that students are starting to do their bit to care for our environment.


Names on lunch containers

Many families are transitioning away from plastic wrap, plastic and paper bags to reusable containers. This is commendable and can certainly reduce the amount of ‘one use’ waste. However it is imperative that the family name be written on the container and its lid so they can be easily identified and returned. Students frequently take the containers into the yard to finish their snacks and are not permitted into the school buildings at break times.


New student absence automated SMS messages start Term 3

The department is implementing a state wide initiative from the beginning of Term 3 whereby an SMS message will be automatically sent to parents of students who are absent without an explanation on any particular day. If your child is too ill to attend school, we request that you inform the office by phone or using the Flexibuzz app by 9.30am. Where an explanation has been received and recorded by the school, a message will not be sent, e.g. a stay in hospital or overseas travel. Further information will be attached to next week’s newsletter.


People booked for parking in school driveway

I have received a report about a person who was booked while his car was parked in a school driveway. The fine was just over $90. This is a timely reminder that police and local government parking inspectors are visiting schools and are issuing fines. Many thanks to those who are parking in Wood Street (south of the school) to ease congestion.


Parent Helpers Training Sessions

During 2018 the school will gradually introduce Working With Children Checks (WWC) and OHS induction sessions for all volunteers/parent helpers. There will be 2 sessions held on Thursday 21st June for parents wanting to assist in the canteen and/ or classroom. Session 1: 9-9.30am and Session 2: 2.30-3pm. Volunteers will only need to attend one session. Anyone who already holds a current WWC is asked to bring this along to the session. RSVP slips are available from the office or you can RSVP online by clicking on the calendar event on our website.


Paul Mulroyan


Thursday 31st May

Dear Parents,


Bunnings barbecue – Sunday

The fund raising committee has organised a Bunnings Highpoint barbecue for Sunday. Trading begins at 7:30am and will continue until the 50kg of sausages are sold. I wish to thank parents who have volunteered to assist with this fund raiser, and invite families to support this effort by treating children to a snag. Money raised will buy play equipment for students to use during recess periods.


Garden Club news By Nick Boffa

Last week, the Garden Club began their highly anticipated harvest of autumn/winter crops. Students harvested a monster amount of radishes and some great broccoli. Pictured are enthusiastic students with harvested broccoli while other students are weeding part of the garden patch. More photos on the back page. The club gets together every Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:10pm. If you are interested in assisting, please leave your name at the office.


Students and social media

Increasingly students are participating in conversations using social media. Ideally children under the age of 13, should use their parent’s account, as the sign on process asks applicants to signify that they are 13 years or older. Parents should be aware of their child’s social media interactions: who they are conversing with and what is being discussed. You can help reduce detrimental effects social media may have on your child by discussing and agreeing upon some common-sense rules:

Times of use e.g. 4pm to 7pm only

Checking their privacy settings are as secure as possible

Being courteous – only writing something that you know is not hurtful

Secure storage and recharging at night

What your child should do if being harassed by someone

If parents find that their child is being tormented by another person, you should save the conversation and bring the evidence to school so that we can help avoid repetition.


Mobile Phone and internet enabled, recording devices Policy

This policy was discussed by the school’s Education Subcommittee and passed by School Council at the May meeting. A copy of the policy can be accessed by following the link above. The policy clarifies the school’s requirements of students for devices brought to school.

Students should deposit their device with office staff upon arrival

The devices are not to be used in school time

The school is not responsible for loss or damage of devices except when left with office staff

Phones and devices are not to be taken to camp or on excursions

Volunteers and contractors are expected to mute their devices and are prohibited from taking photos or videos on school grounds.

Paul Mulroyan


Thursday 24th May

Dear Parents,


Education Week

This is Education Week throughout Victoria. This year we have trialled an open morning for each of the grade levels. On Monday, many parents of Prep students visited, today the grade 3/4s will be open for visitors and tomorrow the grade 1/2s will have their open day. A book fair is running in the library all week, it will close at 3:45 Friday afternoon. We are giving increasing emphasis to creativity in our curriculum programs. Students are using the new music studio to play a variety of instruments and learn more about the elements of music: rhythm, pitch and tone. In the Art room, students use a variety of media to create art works. You can view student work in the school foyer or Art room.


Fun Run

The weather is looking promising to hold our fun run tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Students will run/walk around the oval with others in their grade level for the designated time before quenching their thirst and returning to their grade. Many thanks to families who supported this fundraising effort earlier. This event has raised $6,235.25 which is going towards the purchase of toys and construction kits for students to use at recess times.



At the beginning of Term 1 we launched the ‘Star Reader’ program to encourage reading and borrowing books from the library. It was based on children reading as many books as they could in a period of time. It is now time to conclude the program and give the children their awards. One winner from each class is the child who has read the most books during the period.

Prep A

Olivia Chongue


Mim Dinh


Alex Watkins


Lillian Le

Prep B

Sannus Nguyen


Riria Oniki


Oscar Checinski & Seth Ramos 


Patrick Le

Prep C

Olivia Brophy


James Van Ekeren


Stella Le


5/6 B

Eva-Marie Canilleri Mouselimis

Prep D

Henry Span


Ali Redha

3/4 D

Molly Gill


Faraj Mourad



Claudia Stojanoski



Parking – causing distress




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